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Well, first, I know it’s been literal years since my last diary-style post. Fingers crossed this is the first of many. I’m hoping that 2022 will be the return to personal blogging for myself!

Today I want to talk in more depth about my current adventure of abstaining from THC! If you’ve watched any of my videos in the past few months you know I have been planning a little tolerance break for my version of Dry January. In this post, I go over my reasons and my plan for this short break from my favorite cannabinoid.

What is a Tolerance Break?

A tolerance break is a term for abstaining from cannabis products or activities for a period of time, in an effort to reset tolerance and hopefully have increased effects from cannabis.

It’s no secret that we can develop a tolerance to substances like cannabis. I consider a healthy tolerance a good thing. It’s why daily cannabis users are able to function so effortlessly in society, even with high amounts of THC in their systems. A healthy tolerance allows me to gain relief from my preferred plant medicine without feeling too “stoned”. In short, it’s one of the reasons I’m such a productive stoner.

But sometimes a strong tolerance to cannabis is not desirable. A higher tolerance can mean that it takes more cannabis to feel effects, and that can get expensive and time-consuming. And having to smoke more for relief can be another concern.

Why am I Doing One?

I have a couple of different goals with this tolerance break. First, I’m hoping a short break from THC will increase its overall effectiveness when I resume using it again. Cannabis is a wonder for me when it comes to regulating my mood, but I’m feeling nostalgia for the days when I would have deeper thoughts, inspirations, and experiences while using the plant. I am hoping that lowering my tolerance to THC will help bring these deeper experiences while using cannabis.

I am also using this time to abstain from combustion, meaning smoking. In 2022 it’s important to me that I increase my amounts of dry herb vaporization and decrease my amounts of bong smoking. As I get older I want to use more and more tinctures, edibles, and dry herb vaporization in my daily cannabis routine. Though smoking is my all-time favorite delivery method for cannabinoids, I would like reaching for other options to be just as intuitive as grabbing my favorite bong.

My Plan

First, because cannabis is my main medicine, I am not holding myself to any concrete time frame. I would like to take at least two to four weeks off from cannabis, but if I feel at any point like this break is no longer serving me, I will end it. As of this writing I have a good seven days under my belt so I think another week won’t be too difficult.

  • During this break, I will be dry herb vaping hemp flower with low amounts of THC in place of smoking cannabis.
  • I will also use plenty of minor cannabinoids during this time, like a full spectrum CBD tincture that helps to keep my endocannabinoid system happy.

The Tools

Here is a brief look at what I’m relying on for plant relief in lieu of THC and bongs. *Please note that this post is not sponsored, though I did receive most of these products through past paid campaigns, and of course, Happy Flower Company is owned by me.

Hemp Flower from Happy Flower Company

I am fortunate to have a fantastic source of high-quality CBD flower right at my fingertips. That is my own hemp company, Happy Flower Company. We specialize in small-batch hemp strains that are high in terpenes and cannabinoids, lovingly grown by my husband David.

I’m using a blend of my favorite past strains this month, like Betty Jane and Fruti Petals. New in the rotation is the freshly harvested Berry Brûlée. David and I have been loving this one in the evenings. It has a nice range of minor cannabinoids and smells and tastes great in the Mighty+. Berry Brûlée will be available for purchase on happyflowercompany.com this week. 

Hemp Therapies Full Spectrum 12,000 Cannabidiol

This is the strongest tincture in the house and therefore my favorite. I use it almost every day for high amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. You can read my Hemp Therapies review here.

Upstate Elevator CBD Gummies

These are hands down my favorite CBD gummies! I take one 30 mg gummy every morning along with my tincture. These taste fantastic and are effective. They’re also great for taking with me and popping throughout the day. I’ve reviewed this brand a few times, check out my most recent Upstate Elevator review here.

Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

With dry herb vaporization being my only source of consumption this month, my beloved Volcano and Mighty+ are getting a lot of use already. The Volcano is a legendary desktop device that fills food-safe balloons with delicious vapor. It’s perfect for a bigger sesh with lots of vapor clouds.

Mighty+ Portable Vaporizer

The Mighty+ is the updated version of the popular Mighty, and it has quickly become my portable device of choice. This and the Volcano are my current go-to devices, but of course, there are many lower-cost options available if you’re new to dry herb vaporization and are curious to try.  Check out The Planet of the Vapes One and the DaVinci Micro. Both are solid choices at a lower price point.

Avida Vape Pens

Avida’s CBD vape pens are my favorites. They are the perfect shape for discreet use and no rolling off counters! But it’s really the flavors that I love. Mint and Berry Grape are the best!

And that’s that! Wish me luck friends because seven days in I’ve got to say I’m not really enjoying myself!! Bong rips are my absolute favorite and I truly miss them. I can’t wait to return and talk a little more about how my first real tolerance break went. Until then, check out today’s Coffee Talk for a hemp vaporization sesh. Love to you all, catch you on the flipside!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. I love these posts! Please keep them coming & PLEASE do an updated DITL now that your kids are older & a bullet journal!🙏🏼

  2. Illegalstonermom Reply

    This is a great post for any that have never tried a tolerance break. It’s a good blueprint for those that use cannabis for medical reasons: allowing for the ECS to be nourished allowing maintenance while specifically cutting out THC.💚💚

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