The Stoner Mom Grows | a week-by-week look at our legal home cannabis grow 

Welcome to the first in a new series of videos documenting our legal home cannabis grow! In this series we’ll show you all the details involved in cultivating our home-grown cannabis, from the earliest stages to the final harvest. 

Our Home Grown Journey

I am so fortunate to live in beautiful Colorado, where it is legal to grow your own supply of cannabis in the safety and comfort of your home. My husband and I started growing cannabis back in 2013, to offset the cost when I began using it daily for mental health. For the first several grows we experienced a lot of ups and downs and our harvests were nothing to brag about, but over time the quality of our cannabis and the amount of buds we produced grew and improved. By 2017 we were consistently growing enough from a single harvest to last us to the next harvest. Fast forward to now, and we haven’t bought cannabis from a dispensary in over a year! We grow enough each cycle that we are even able to make concentrates from our own supply.

There are many benefits to growing our own cannabis, the least of which is knowing that all of my weed is safe and grown without pesticides, a huge perk for medical marijuana users like me and my husband. We also save a lot of money growing our own. Though there can be a hefty initial startup cost involved with setting up an efficient home grow, a regular cannabis user will recoup that cost within a few harvests if they stick with it.

It’s also really nice to be able to grow the specific strains that work for your condition. Everyone’s strain preferences are different, and being beholden to the local dispensary’s menu can be a drag. In our home grow we can grow high THC sativa strains for me, and indica strains for David. We even grow hemp that is rich in CBD!

In this first episode of The Stoner Mom Grows, I show you our grow tent setup and introduce you to our four current babies: two Super Lemon Haze plants, one Chewbacca, and  one Girl Scout Cookies. Our Super Lemon Haze plants were clones from our last grow, and the Chewbacca and Girl Scout Cookies came from the Denver Clone Store.

If you enjoy this episode and want to see more grow specific videos, check out What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow. My husband has made videos about everything from setting up a tent to harvesting.

Resources from this Episode

Grow Your Own | The Stoner Mom’s Guide to a Safe and Plentiful Cannabis Grow 

David and I are passionate about the freedom that our home grow provides, so much so that last year we wrote a detailed manual to help others learn our method. Learn about the book and accompanying podcast series here.

3.6 x 3.6 Complete LED Grow Kit

Intimidated by your grow shopping list? Take out all the guesswork with a complete grow kit. Includes everything needed for maximum yield with minimum effort.

PHYTOMAX-2 600 LED Grow Light

Blackdog LED makes the absolute best lights for growing cannabis at home! Save on electrical and cooling costs and produce a superior yield with higher quality flowers and more trichomes. Check out the specific light we use here.


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  1. Illegal stoner mom

    OMG, you look so cute! It’s nice to see you in your garden. Bet: as you tend them, they’ll be like children to ya. Dollars to donuts. 😍 You never show this vulnerable side of you; you’re always so confident. 💋🌳🕊️

  2. This is really cool, excited to learn about growing my own. Always feel sketchy trying to buy from the internet and my state hasn’t passed a medical law yet.