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The Stoner Mom Show | Back to School Brain Dump Sesh

My Tips for Stealthy and Efficient Medicating during Distance Learning

Hi friends! Join me for a long sesh where I get high and do a bit of a verbal brain dump. After one of the weirdest summers of my family’s life, we are now gearing up for a new school year, and starting it remotely. In this video, I talk about what that means for my family, our schedule, and how I’m resolving to have mindful sessions with everyone home. I share my hopes for consistency and routine, and talk about things like mom guilt, microdosing, using concentrates, scheduling, layering your methods, organization, choosing your stoner space, and the importance of a support system.

Click play below and let’s try to de-stress because goodness school is really causing some anxiety this year! Also, be sure to check out the show notes for links to some of the stoner gear I recommend for stealthy and efficient medicating during distance learning.


The Stoner Mom Show Notes | gear mentioned in this video

Thanks to Vape Parts Mart for sending me the Vessel Compass vaporizer! Cartridges and a dependable battery are particularly well-suited for stealthy and effective hits. carries all of my favorite batteries, like the Compass used in this video as well as my favorite CCell vapes. If you are in the market for a new battery definitely consider the Vessel Compass. Sleek and small, it features adjustable voltage and a large activation button that’s impossible to miss. Available in gold or gunmetal. Pick one up at

Sploofy air filter – I’ve been using Sploofy’s for years and depend on them for helping to control smoke and odors. Simply exhale your giant bong rip into a Sploofy and you’re good to go!

Philter air filter – Philter’s personal filters work as well as the Sploofy, but are smaller, making them ideal for portability or keeping in your pocket for the day. The Phlip even slides right onto your existing vape pen so you’re never without a filter to discreetly exhale into.

Avida CBD – I adore Avida’s CBD pens! They are absolutely delicious and help me get a handle on stress and anxiety without any psychoactive effects. Perfect for busy days when getting away to smoke is impossible.

GPen Connect – My preferred method for dabbing. The Gpen Connect allows for quick and easy dabs, no torch necessary.

Sum Microdose – a Colorado favorite. I love popping one or two of these dissolvable tablets when I’m just too busy to smoke.

Some of my favorite “mom-friendly” bubblers – I define a mom bubbler as an elegant and small smoking device that doesn’t call too much attention to itself. Anything small and stealthy will do, but here are a few of my favorites:

Delta 8 cartridges by 3Chi – Delta 8 THC is legal, safe to ship, and effective.

Happy Flower Company – if cannabis gets you too high for productive days, try CBD rich hemp flower lovingly tended to by us! Our hemp customers love our flower because it gives them relief without a powerful high, making it perfect for daytime use.  Also great for mixing with your cannabis to stretch out your supply. Visit my personal hemp shop at


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. I love your video, use to watch you in YouTube! Hope you can return back to it soon☺️

  2. I can totally relate to this video. Definitely feeling stressed, overwhelmed & anxious about virtual school. So far, it hasn’t gone very smooth due to technical issues with my sons teacher but I’m trying to remain positive & show her grace. We’re set to return to in-person school early September. I spent the first few months of quarantine focused on everyone else, I forgot about myself back in the Spring. Started adding CBD back into my routine and have been feeling better, sleeping better etc… and just making time for myself. It has been life changing. Just bought the HFC vape bundle, super stoked about that! Love your content, keep it up. xoxo.

  3. Jody Anglebrandt

    Thank you for your advice. It is so important to keep harmony in your home, and remembering how stressful this can be for the children. ❤️