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Blavid’s Birthday Bong Giveaway!

Awhile ago I let the fact slip that my beloved husband David doesn’t have his own bong, and instead is forced to use one from my extensive collection whenever he gets the urge to smoke his favorite hemp, indica, or high CBD strain.

People did not like this and rightfully demanded that I rectify this immediately. After all, David is responsible for giving me my very first bong, the one that started this whole hobby that has since become our small business and the ticket to my mental well-being.

Truth be told, it’s always a good time for a new bong, but April is David’s birthday month and so what better time to pick out something just for him? We had just agreed on a partnership with the badass smoke shop Smoke Cartel, and so I hopped on to their website to pick out David’s first piece in years.

I really wanted to pick out a piece like the type I recommend for first time bong buyers. I always advise finding a medium-sized piece, around 12-16 inches tall, with a wide beaker or bowl-shaped base for holding lots of water. Simple, effective, and affordable.

Smoke Cartel had literally no shortage of the kind of bong I was looking for, but I zeroed in on this sleek and simple bong by UPC. Handmade in California, 12 inches tall and only $64, I knew this would be a perfect piece for my man. He loves it of course, and now he’s got his own piece that he stores in his grow room, away from his stoner wife.

Now, the giveaway. To celebrate new bongs and birthday boys, we’re giving away this same bong to one of you lucky readers, courtesy of Smoke Cartel! Need new glass? Enter the giveaway! Scroll on for more pictures, a stoner sesh where Blavid breaks in his new lady, and details on how you can win this bong for yourself!

Giveaway Time!

Here’s how to enter for a chance to win this same bong from Smoke Cartel! (it’s really easy)

  1. Comment on this post (the one that you are reading right now!) and tell me,
  2. What has been your best or worst birthday present?
  3. That’s it! Only comments made on this blog post before 4/20 will be considered. Winner will be announced on 4/20 here on the blog! Good luck!

The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. 💕💗💗💕💕🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 how I feel about u ☺️

    Ok worst BDay gift 🎁 fr Hubbert was a Vacuum 😑
    His reason was its red and we needed one ☝🏼 🙄

  2. I’m a Christmas baby so my birthdays are usually shit but one year a best girl friend of mine bought us 5th row tickets to Neil Diamond! I had to wait awhile to actually go but it was totally worth it!
    Happy Birthday David!

  3. Lori 💙

    My absolute best birthday was when my daughter surprised me by showing up on my doorstep when we lived in different states. We spent the day at the beach and it was pure bliss. 💕

  4. When I turned 30, I bought myself tickets to see a favorite actor star in one of my favorite shows on Broadway. I didn’t get to go see it until 6 months later, but it was fantastic!

  5. The worst bday gift I ever received was a carpet cleaner from my boyfriend at the time 😣

  6. Cindi Henriquez

    The worst birthday I ever had was one year when I believe I was turning 18 I invited all of the friends that I did have at the time over to my house I had a big cake, party stuff, balloons everything ! I wanted to chill out with them probably smoke but nobody ended up showing up. I ended up gong to a head shop instead bought a bong and tried to teach myself how to use it. So after years of it being my friend and finally broke while moving to a new house. I was so devastated it was my first bong I had ever bought I haven’t found one yet that looks just like it it was pink and it was an ombre into light blue. I havent gotten a new one since lol

  7. Shannon Crawford

    For my 16th birthday, my grandma gave me a large zip lock bag. Inside the bag was an at home waxing kit (the kind you use in the microwave). My grandma used it and didn’t like it so she decided to give it to me for my birthday….for my mustache. I don’t want to say that it was the worst gift because her heart was in the right place, but a used hair waxing kit was one of the most memorable gifts I have ever received.

  8. The worst birthday present I ever got was a chess board :-/ I’m really not into chess lol!!

  9. The best birthday present I got was spending the day with my family and friends and having good time.

  10. My best birthday present ever would have to be when my mom got me and my friends tickets and meet and greet tickets to a drag show, I think about a year ago! And my worst would have to be when I got nothing this year 😂

  11. Best gift was a trip to Disneyland. Worst was nothing, but still didn’t care that much.

  12. Tara Smith

    My best birthday present was on my 30th. My husband and I best friend flew out to Arizona to surprise me for my birthday. We went to Dave and Buster’s and then headed to the strip club. We than proceeded to come home and sit out in our porch and smoke some weed.. that was by far the best birthday ever…

  13. My dad got me a red, sequined, leopard print top for my 16th birthday. Three of my least favorite things.

  14. Brittany

    My best birthday present was many moons ago when I was 16. My mom took my out of town, just the two of us. We stayed in a sweet, ordered room service and hung out in the jacuzzi. The next day we went shopping and I got my first tattoo. Now that it’s later in my life and she has since past, that was my best birthday.

  15. My husband gave me a scale. Mind you I’m 5’2” and fit & athletic my entire life. Another year he bought me a SUP board. Some years he’s on and some yrs he is totally off. Lol

  16. Best birthday gift, tickets to my first concert ..Adele 😍

  17. The best birthday present is the one I’m getting this year! I’m turning 30 in June & I’m going on my first cruise. It’ll be me & 2 of my best friends, going to Mexico! My first time out of the country too. So excited, I can’t wait!

  18. My worst birthday present was on my 25th. My sweet husband knew I wanted a designer handbag and got me this awful cranberry colored coach tote with gold chain accents. He presented it with “I know you’ll hate it, I kept the receipt.” My worst gift quickly turned into a great day of returning and do-over shopping with the guy I love who just wanted me to know he was listening and make me happy. 💚

  19. Katrina Nelson

    I once got broken up with on my birthday. Via text message. Worst “present” at the time! Haha! This year Im getting me a bong! 🙂

  20. Well I am from Macedonia 🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰 and here we don’t usually make fancy parties or whatever for our birthdays but my best birthday present was that my family treated me well for my birthday I don’t know why only then because they usualy forgot that I even exists :😂😂😂 but i don’t care because i am always kind to them i think ITs related to smoking pot i am and was always the black sheep in my family because i need a medicine i see weed as a medicine and i am judged a lot for that they think its just a drug with no medical usege SO I HAD NEVER OSNED A BONG BEFORE SO THIS MEANS A LOT TO ME !!! instead of rolling all the time i could use a BONG for a change 😊 I Watch ur videoes and u are so inspirational and u tought me a lot SO THANK YOU THE STONER MOM this would be my one of my BEST PRESENT for my birthday if i win ❤️❤️❤️🇲🇰🇲🇰🇲🇰 Much LOVE from Macedonia !!!

  21. My best birthday present was one of my favorite tattoos. My husband took me to get it. One of the worst birthday gifts was a vacuum. Who wants that?!

  22. Hi,
    First Happy Birthday Blavid🎈
    My daughters Birthday is also in April and it’s pretty exciting for her since she will be turning 21.
    My middle name is April.
    The best present I have received is getting to be born on my dads birthday which allows us to celebrate together and we all get to hear the story how my dad planned me down to the T.
    The worst thing is that my dads and my birthday is so close to Christmas that most times we get a two for one gift, lol. But we don’t mind. It’s just nice getting together and spending time together.

  23. This is so beautiful! Happy birthday Blavid! Two birthdays ago my sweet husband and boys surprised me with a new Specialized, then took me out to the sand dunes for a sunset picnic dinner with Birthday cake <3

  24. Samantha

    My best birthday gift to this day is my dog maggie. When I was like 12 my first dog passed away and my family, particularly my parents, were pretty set that another dog would be too much, but I trapped my mom into going to the pet store and after a few more visits to the store, my mom gave in and surprised me with Maggie. She has the biggest personality and is like the most wonderful gift in the world.

  25. The best birthday present I ever got was the first dollar I ever made at my first job! I started working at SDSU when I was 17 and my dad took a dollar from my first paycheck. He didn’t tell me why and after a while I forgot about it. Months later, wrapped with a nice note was my first dollar, framed with a loving note from my dad congratulating me on becoming an adult. I’m 25 now and look at that dollar whenever I fee discouraged or am having a hard time at work! It’s lovely. Anyway, I love your guys’ show and because of you both, I dove into the CBD tincture world. I take it every day and it helps! Thanks again ❤️

  26. First I love the bong its beautiful. I Would love to win it. And I love watching all your videos they have helped me alot on my journey with cannabis. The best birthday gift I received was from my husband and it was a crossbow . He bought it for me because I love to hunt and was having a hard time pulling back my compound bow due to heath problems. Now I can hunt all I want. Thanks babe!!!

  27. Dick Lower

    Hmmmm, this is tough, but I think I know which 2 bday gifts are my bestest: about 10 years ago my father surprised me by finding me a copy of one of my fav David Bowie albums, “Scary Monsters,” autographed and framed! It is absolutely authentic & It is one of my most valuable treasures. Tied with this is a chondrite (meteorite) that my brother Dustin got for me from NASA. Those are probably the two best bday gifts I have ever received! Much Love to you, David, and the entire fam (including the non human ones)!

  28. The best birthday gift I’ve received was finding out I was pregnant with my son last year on my birthday! I didn’t think so at the time, but now that he’s here I couldn’t be more grateful! One year my boyfriend also got me a beautiful purple pipe and I still smoke out of it often, I would love to win this bong as his birthday is coming up and I could gift it to him! 🙂

  29. I listen to your podcast almost every morning while I’m getting ready for work. I love your talks of CBD and how it’s put such a positive impact on your life. I struggle with major depressive disorder and have a lot of anxiety. After doing a lot of research and watching some of your videos and listening to your experience with it I decided to give it a try and I must say THANK YOU.
    I’ve been on cbd now since January of this year and it has completely turned my life around. You are amazing for sharing your knowledge in such a fun entertaining way.

    My favorite birthday present without a doubt would have to be my cat Lily. After losing my previous cat to a form of cancer I became very depressed and upset coming home everyday. My mother surprised me with her at my apartment when I came home from work one day and we have been inseparable ever since!

    Thanks again for your content Stonermom! ❤️

  30. lucylue1982

    My best birthday present was 3 years ago my husband surprised me by taking the day off work to spend with me, he also arranged for someone to watch the kids to take me to watch the newest Fast and Furious movie I had been dying to see. We rarely (never really) go out since we don’t typically have help with the kiddos so it was amazing.

  31. Any gift from my sister is always my favorite. She knows me inside & out. Even though she doesn’t have tons of money to spend, her gifts are always the most insightful & truly “me”.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Fingers crossed. Who doesn’t need a new bong?!? Am i right?

  32. Best birthday gift was becoming a mother! I was super excited and couldn’t get enough of our little boy

    • Jacqueline

      The worst present I ever got was some fancy peanut butter and an engraved spoon, which I was not allowed to use. I was ten. Thanks, Grandma.

  33. Beautiful glass! My worst birthday gift was probably the car accident I got into on my 17th birthday. It was pouring down rain and I had just picked up my best friend for a sleepover for said birthday. Two cars ahead of me decided to slam on their brakes causing the car in front of me to then slam on theirs. I hydroplaned and rear ended the car in front of me. We spent the next 2 hours in the rain waiting for a tow. To be fair, my bff spent the rest of the night cheering me up considerably 🙂

  34. Kathleen

    Thanks Stoner mom …. I think this is a great question… So I got one of both lol … My worst one was a few years back and probably two days before my birthday my husband turned around and bought a $1500 motorcycle for him self. (The thing is , it wasn’t even working. It was a fixer upper bike) Which i think he totally forgot cause when my birthday came around we didn’t have any money and we went to the store n he got me a movie instead. But my best present for my birthday was my daughter last year. I literally had her two days before my birthday… I think that was the best present or make up present I guess he could of gotten me…. It may of been 3 years in the waiting but I have to say having another daughter no one can give you anything better than that 😍 @cannamom0420

  35. My best birthday gift was… Finding out I was pregnant!!😍🤗🤩

  36. My best birthday present was my husband surprising me with a dog. He kept telling me we weren’t going to get one and then the day after my birthday, he came home from work and surprised me with a 60 lb rescue weimaraner. He’s been the best dog ever.

  37. Angela Jones

    I guess I’m borring I can’t come up with anything……but I’d still like a chance to win the bong! Love your show! Been watching on YouTube for 9 months or so.

  38. The worst birthday present I ever got was a bouquet of flowers!!! The reason is I’m horribly allergic to flowers T-T

  39. Best birthday present ever is definitely my one and only child. She was born on my 40th birthday and I can’t think of a better gift.

  40. Melissa Monet

    Worst bday present/evening.

    So this was my 21st. Birthday. Modeling a little bit at the time and had some photographer friends. Well one ended up being my employer for some time and became a close friend. Being 20 going on 21 with really only 1 girlfriend(20 at the time), having that Vegas birthday just wasn’t ideal. So this photographer friend said well let’s get a hotel room shoot a little, and have a good night. I should have noted the red flags there. HA. Fast forward to the actual day, I got my makeup done went to brunch with family had my mimosas, was feeling GOOD. My girlfriend picks me up. Halfway to our destination she asks me why she is driving. 😒 ummm it’s my 21st. I’ve been drinking… get to hotel get ready start shooting. I’m like over it after second change. So I sit and say something to the photographer. Well he gets up goes to tell my friend and says alright y’all can pack up and leave. Doesn’t say anything to me. Mind you my understanding was we were to shoot for a little then he was leaving the room to us. Guess that was not his intention.
    My friend was pissed, I was pissed. So I went home and spent my 21st in a mice hot shower And my bed 🙂

    Anyway love your show. I’ve revently found it and quite enjoy the like minded parenting and stoner-ism(?) haha

  41. My best birthday present was my 23rd birthday. My best friend went through a lot of trouble to set up the cutest little party for me at the park with all of our friends and family. She made sure we had lots of games and food. Then she pulled me aside to give me the icing for my cake. A quarter of some high grade cannabis she just picked up. I almost cried from happiness and loving my best friend so much. Girl power.

    Worst birthday present was the very same night when my boyfriend at the time got mad at me for not doing the dishes on my birthday. He proceeded to flush the rest of what was left from my birthday quarter down the toilet. Spiteful. No longer with him, lol, obviously. But rest well in cannabis heaven, my flushed birthday weed. So sorry I never got the honor to smoke you.

  42. My best birthday present would have to be spending time with my kids it’s all I would ask in the world I also love the little stuff they do to try and make my day ☺️☺️By the way I loveeeee ur videos I just started watching you and I’m in love I learn so much from your videos keep the good work.🙂👍

  43. Kaleigh Hamilton

    The best birthday present I’ve ever received was deffinetly my dog!!!! Her name is Aurora and she’s the sweetest rottie ever♡♡♡

  44. Kendall J Stitzel

    The best birthday present that I can remember was a late one. Almost 2 years ago 16 days after my birthday I got my first hip replacement. It’s the best because I was born with no hip joints (short version). Walking and other basic things hurt a lot (why I smoke 😁) so finally getting a new one was and is amazing!!! Best birthday ever!!! Now I go in for the complete set thru 🤣🤣🤣

    Ps. I totally love you!!! (Done fangirling promise) thank you for doing what you do. I’ve learned so much from you and I finally understand I’m not alone. Other mom’s smoke and its ok 😁 so thank you ❣️

  45. Michael T.

    best birthday gift ever . . . it snowed on my birthday once, a rare site in Houston.
    worst gift ever . . . facebook comments from people I rarely speak to.

  46. Lawrence Walker

    Many years ago my pastor gave me $5 and a cassette taped message saying take my girlfriend to McDonald’s. Man do I miss him…that was the most personal and best gift…

  47. I love your blog & podcast! I’ve only recently found your site thanks to another wonderful stoner mom friend of mine, but I absolutely must say it’s my favorite. Thanks for giving women like us a voice and for all the education on cannabis & CBD. I’ve been smoking weed for 17 years and had no idea just how much I needed to learn about my favorite little plant.

    ANYWAY…. 🙂 my favorite birthday present was finding out I was pregnant the day before my 30th birthday. It’s one you’ll truly never forget 🙂

  48. MissRiot

    Hi Stoner Mom, love your blog! My birthday is April 18th *rips for April birthdays David!*
    The best birthday present I ever got was a birthday cake my husband got me. It was in the shape of our Boston Terrier, Snorty Woo. She was wearing Lady Gaga style sunglasses with sparkles! Loved it!
    The worst birthday present I ever got was a random box of gifts my mom gave me, the includes gems such as: makeup she tried and didn’t like, a package of spaghetti noodles ( just the noodles, no sauce), and 4 hotel shampoos. She gave me other, normal presents, but she can never resist cleaning out her cabinets!

  49. My best birthday gift was from my partner. Since I was a kid I have always loved mermaids and The Little Mermaid. I would swim in my pool and pretend to be a mermaid. As I got older I got a gorgeous Ariel tattoo. I’m still obsessed as an adult. My boyfriend decided to buy me this gorgeous, hand crocheted, satin lined, elegant mermaid tail blanket. It was so thought and unique.

  50. Thank you for this awesome opportunity first and foremost! I am 27, living in PA. I recently became a medical marijuana patient in my state (but have followed you for a while now.) and blessed/ grateful beyond belief to receive actual relief for my illness. It’s been near 10 years of struggle and now it’s as if I can finally get myself and my life where I want it to be. All that aside though, my favorite birthday present was actually the birthday party itself. Birthday celebrations were few and far in between due to my mothers’ finacial situations. She was a single mother of 5 kids plus caring for my grama, so I understood of course… But my 16th birthday will forever me in my memories, and still to this day is with my friends. My mom wanted to make the most of the day, so had me and my friends line up in two rows facing each other with plastic plates in hand. One row received one pancake per person, and the objective was to toss the pancake back and forth, moving further and further away with each toss Without dropping it, until only one pair had their pancake left. Me being a 16 yr old, I thought it was a bit childish, assuming my friends wouldn’t like it either, so I had a little huff… That was until I saw how everyone was having a blast! Including me:) After the toss, my mother had made us cupcake cones (still my requested form of bday “cake” to this day because they’re so good! :p ) that we the all were able to decorate. That lead to a cupcake cone fight and all of us running through the kitchen and outside covered in icing and sprinkles. We then were hosed down before being allowed back inside, which only added to the chaotic fun hahah. Such a simple concept, and yet the most awesome wholesome fun in which helped remind us to hold onto our youth and the pure fun of life and togetherness 🙂 The good ol’ day’s before adulting, right?! hahah. A lesson I still hold onto to this day, especially now being a mother of two. That party, was my favorite birthday present. I apologize for the length, but I thank you so much for reading! <3

    • Krystian

      Hi from NORCAL!

      I have been a viewer for some time now, however, it was not until watching your video regarding having your own platform, that I realized how ignorant I have been to the depth of the uncertainty and risk that comes with hosting solely on another business’s platform. I appreciate you explaining that to me.

      I love to get stoned with you. Its become my tradition! I don’t mean to fangirl too much, but I think you and David are so smart about the way you run The Stoner Mom.

      Now that I have overshared, my best birthday present is my dog Ashton, an 8 year old grouch/road dawg/light of my life. The worst birthday present I ever had was the belated-pray-the-gay-away DVD and shame letter I received from my beautiful, but extremely old-fashioned Grandmother (the same year).

    • That sounds like a wonderful birthday party. It sounds to me like the best gift your mother gave you was the memory of so much fun! 🙂

  51. Jennifer Fitzgerald

    My best birthday was when the New England Patriots open home game was on my birthday and my husband surprised me with tickets to the game although he made it seem at first like it was only him and his dad going and I had to drop him off with his dad so they could ride up together and I was sad but pretending like I didn’t care and then he yelled surprise as we were getting in the highway lol.

  52. Michelle Rodriguez

    Best birthday present was on my 28th. When my boyfriend suprised me with a 8th gram of some very nice mudusa. :D. Along with a beautiful bottle of my favorite jack daniels. He made me a bbq invited all my friends and family. Got to share my gifts with everyone and had a good time.

  53. Stephanie

    My best birthday was when I got engaged to my husband. We are happily married now with our blended family including our 13 year old, 2 1/2 year old and 3 month old. Looking for a cook first bong. Great video! Happy Birthday Blavid…or whatever.

  54. My worst birthday was when I was sick (cancer) and my family was so worried about my treatments and the doctors told me to get my affairs in order. So since my family were only thinking about my treatments and praying that the chemotherapy would save me they all forgot my birthday which is April 27th. Even my husband forgot. I remember thinking this is going to be my last birthday and no one remembered. Will to end on a great note I was 22 when this happened and now I am going to be 50 on the 27th of this month so it all worked out, but to this day know remembered that they forgot my birthday that year and I never said anything to my family.

  55. My best birthday had been this year. I had to work on my birthday. I didn’t feel the need to take it off because it was just another day. I was on shift and one of my co-workers came to me at my desk. She surprised me with birthday cupcakes with little penises on them. And sprinkled with confetti sperm. It was an inside joke. All of us at work had busted out laughing, we even woke up a few residents (side note: I work at a old folks home). Lol
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. Paul Mizzi

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this first timer bong. I’m trying to win this for my wife Shirley who is a soon to be first timer. Her most favorite birthday was 2 years ago for her 60th. Due to a small inheritance, we traveled to Italy. Beautiful memories. She said her worst was where she received no presents, said day for her and myself……. Thank you again.

  57. Mateomaddog

    The best birthday present I ever got was my boundless cfx that my wife bought me. We usually aren’t able to get each other birthday presents but somehow she managed to surprise me! Thanks stoner mom and David for the great show!

  58. Laura Sturgell-Lopez

    My best birthday present has got to be getting a free Ultrasound and seeing my baby for the first time. And my worst a massive hangover from the night before.

  59. Kennybaby

    The best birthday present I ever got, was from my best friend. I was having a terrible day, she came over and handed me my birthday cake.
    Duncan Hines yellow cake mix, with a tub of chocolate frosting.
    We got stoned, then ate the entire tub of frosting…Just what I needed.😂😂

  60. My birthday last week was a disaster. The first cake my husband gets me and it gets smashed on the way home. It was so last minute, I baked my own cake and slapped it together. It was hideous but tasted good. No presents and with us scrambling to actually have a cake – we didn’t do anything or go anywhere.

    Ugh. What a disappointing day.

  61. My worst present was in high school when a boyfriend gave me a gold locket with a photo of him inside it. 1. I hated gold. 2. I wasn’t nearly into him enough to wear a photo of him!

    My husband is the best at giving gifts, so I’ve had years of great presents now. 🙂

  62. Maria Reeves

    Hey stoner mom. I think the worst present I got was a broken bong. I was sent it threw the mail from a glass online website and it showed up broken. I messaged the company and they said “sorry, nothing we can do.” Lost out on $150 🙁

  63. Hey stoner mom, just discovered you and am absolutely loving your channel! It’s fabulous what your doing. Being a stoner is a very taboo subject where I’m from let alone a stoner mom especially in my culture. Being a single parent weed helps me immensely to deal with depression and daily’s great to find like minded people, for some the Internet is the only place of solace and your channel certainly is for me so thank you ❤️

    Worst birthday present was from a boyfriend with whom I went shopping a while before my birthday and went to see a bracelet. Tried it on in front of him, declared I didn’t like it and left. Also discussed getting a vr headset but again I decided with him not to get it as I didn’t want my kids using it too much and messing about with their eye health. 2 months later my birthday rolls around and I get 2 presents. Can you imagine the look on my face when I opened the 1st and its the bracelet! I thought ok mistakes happen, stay calm, this next one better be good! Open it, it’s the vr headset. My exact response was “are you taking the piss?” I’m glad to say he’s an ex now 🙂 turning 34 this month so winning this beautiful piece would be the best birthday gift ever! 😊

  64. Hey Girl!!!! And Happy Blavid Day!!! Sending love from the Bay Area!!!

    My fave BDay gift was many years ago….When I turned 21 my husband surprised me with a trip to Vegas! We did the countdown and everything in casino !!!! To be young again!!! lol…
    Bdays are a bit more tamed these days. Although my daughter’s bday is April 20th! Ha, my mom called it payback!!!
    Keep up the great content!!!!

  65. The worst gift I’ve received was paint rollers – I was ten years old.

  66. My worst gift was when I turned 16. Report cards came out on my birthday and I got my first C. I was already devastated, and I knew a 9-week grounding was coming, but did it have to start on my birthday? I decided to be honest and give my parents the report card the day it came out, hoping that they would appreciate my honesty and let me enjoy my 16th birthday. Nope! Dad took away everything. All I could do was go to school and my room. I had to sneak around to finish making the plans I’d been working on for 4 months to surprise him for his birthday. But I managed to keep that to myself… to make HIS birthday special🤬🤬🤬

  67. Hey stonermom and David! (Hope you had a good birthday) the best birthday present I’ve ever received would hands down have to be my lovely dog Sadie. I’ve had her for 11years now going on 12 this July (:

  68. Hello stonermom and a very happy birthday to your husband David! Hope you enjoy your new piece (:
    One of the best birthday presents I received was from my husband and it is our first dog together, Dexter.

  69. Best birthday gift… my kitchen aid mixer! I love baking and my husband knew how I wanted one for years.

    Worst. . My sister kicking my cake off the bed while we were living in a hotel (childhood)

  70. Isabelle

    My best birthday gift was my first birthday with my husband (then boyfriend.) We were in a long distance, international relationship (he is from Chile) so to be together during my birthday was a big deal. While I was at work that day he hung paper hearts from the ceiling and written on each one was something he loved about me. It was magical 🙂
    Love your podcast and youtube videos. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your stoner mom life with us!

    • My birthday was just on the 10th and this year has been the worse because my son got arrested on my birthday and now he is going back to prison. Federal prison cause he skipped parole. And has 5 other charges. So I have never had a bong yet. I’m a pipe smoker and this would be a blessing to receive. Hope I win!😎🤗love , love your channel😉

  71. It’s a great looking piece, sleek and simple (I’m much more partial to a pretty Hvyglass piece myself but they are hard to find.

  72. After 20+ years with the same man, sometimes holiday’s and birthdays go without gifts, its okay. The funny thing is, I was watching your video and thought that is exactly what I need!

  73. My best birthday gift I ever got was a journal. I started writing regularly and learned to express myself. That journal has helped me through some really tough times.

  74. Blair Murphy

    For my 21st my sister took me to a bunch of dispensaries and let me pick out what i wanted!

  75. jennifer

    Beautiful flowers/pictures.Happy Birthday David..!My birthday is 4/26 so very very best birthday present would be an early one i got this year from Danielle(the dabspot).It is aSwift pro vaporizer and i LOVE it..!Also i’m very used to getting no presents,every it wasn’t too hard to pick my best one lol 😉

  76. My best birthday gift was my 20th birthday gift! My roommate took me to six flags on July 4th as an early birthday gift ( my b-day is the 8th) and my best friend took me to the Future concert featuring MIGOS, Tory Lanez, and Zoey Dollaz. My worst birthday gift was nothing, lol, besides my 20th, I only went out to eat with my best friend and her family, I hadn’t gotten a gift since I was a child. But this is common for a lot of Haitian American families.

  77. Best birthday present was getting LIT at a Kesha concert with my sister and best friend. It was something really special for us because Kesha is a favorite of all of ours and really helped us through some rough spots!

  78. My best birthday gift was when my dad finally smoked with me on 4/20 on my 18th bday year! He bought me my first bong and my first oz and smoked sooo much weed with me then MUNCHED OUT!!!! Lol Happy birthday Blavid!! Love yall both! You guys are so funny and I’m such a huge fan!

  79. My best bday present was when my hubby and mom threw me a surprise bday party❤

  80. Rosalino Sánchez

    I havent got a birthday present in 20 years. Im still wishing for one. It would make the best b day present ever.

  81. Virginia

    My worst/best birthday present i recived was when my parents actually forgot it was my birthday and tried to play it off. But i did end up getting a milkshake and they did buy me HUGE panda stuffed animal. I am absolutely in love with it. Im 5’3 and its a couple more inches taller than me and its the softest thing ever.

  82. My favorite birthday present is hiking with my two kids (they are 35 & 32-they are busy!). The best was hiking para Monadnock mountains!

  83. Juels Lee

    Hey girl!💃 Best bday gift I ever got… my son who is 14 saved up all of his $🤑 to buy me a pair of the prettiest CZ stud earrings & a hamsa hand necklace ❤ & he surprised me with them on my bday 🤭🤭🤭 hes such a sweet heart 😂but yeh that’s definitely The best one so far,I had no idea lol… good luck 2 everyone xoxx😘😍💋👐👐💃💃💃🧞‍

  84. My birthday is the 22nd of this month! The best birthday present I’ve ever received was an aquarium. They gifted a setup to me and now I’m hooked. I have like 8 fish tanks and it’s a bit excessive, but I love it.

  85. Sooooo the best b-day gift I ever received was of course a surprise!
    Growing up an Air Force brat was, of course, super hard. Going months and sometimes even years without seeing my dad really forced me to grow up quickly. I do have to say, it taught me to love and cherish our relationship that much harder since he was away on deployment so often.
    So my 11th birthday was strolling around and my dad was originally due to be back just a few days before my big day. I remember recieving a letter from him explaining he wouldn’t be back in time and of course I was bummed out. But when the day came I remember waking up to my doorbell ringing furiously. I ran out of bed to look for my mom and I found her standing by the door waiting for me to open it! I was so clueless but after opening the door and seeing my dad after 8 long months I remember bursting into tears and giving him the biggest hug in the world.
    So yeah long story short, nothing has ever topped that… not even weed. LOL love you Dad.

  86. My worst birthday present was when my ex husband bought me earrings and I didn’t even have my ears pierced. Happy birthday David! Enjoy your bong!!

  87. Worst Birthday Ever. I am notorious for bad birthdays. The one that will live in infamy is my 10th birthday. ( Disclaimer I’ve been around weed my whole life but didn’t start smoking till this year, I am 35.) Okay so anyways… I was 10 having a birthday party with friends at my house. And… the police raided our house. My step dad (RIP) was a avid pot grower and had a grow room the size of a garage. Long story short. Police raids on a 10 year olds birthday party is quite possibly the worst birthday ever.

  88. Itsjustweedmom

    My worst present was a surprise birthday party for my 13th Birthday. My mom put my younger sister in charge of inviting all my friends from school, since we both went to the same school. Well my sister and I did not get along at all, still don’t she’s very straight edge, so she invited all her friends to the party. Not 1 of my friends were there and my mom let all my sister’s friends stay.


    Happy Birthday David! Mine is 4/23…hubbys is 5/14 this would be a nice piece to replace his broken one!

  89. My worst birthday was my 16th birthday actually. While all of my friends had these dope 16th bday parties I got nothing bc my birthday had happened to fall on a Sunday that year and my mother is very religious. It also didn’t help that report cards had come out and I didn’t have he best grades. So he entire day my family acted as though it was just another church day. After the service we went out to get some fast food and went home. That’s it. Nothing special. Not even a happy birthday. I didn’t have a cellphone back then so I didn’t have contact with anyone other than my family. Worst. Birthday. Ever. I didn’t even get anything sweet. Lol I ate veggies and went to bed 😂

  90. The best birthday gift I ever got was when I was a little girl and my parents got me my first “big girl bike.” Everyone keep talking about this big birthday surprise that I was going to find out about and then they took me outside and my dad wheeled out this beautiful white mountain bike and I got to ride it around the yard in front of all of my family. Then I got to eat cake after, so all in all, a pretty great day 🙂

  91. HBD David!

    Best birthday gift ever – concert tickets. Experiences over things ✌️

    Love your Instagram! 💕

  92. Alexandra

    Best bday present was my son! He was born right after my birthday last year!

  93. Alexandra

    Best bday present was my son! He was born right after my birthday!

  94. Hey girl ❤️ I love you and all your work so much. The worst gift I’ve got was a fake pearl bracelet that was falling apart that my ex STOLE from goodwill. 😂😂. That gift is a good way to describe my life lol. Love you lots don’t ever stop making videos 😊❤️

  95. My best birthday present was some beautiful earrings that my husband bought me.

  96. Kristin Kurtz

    Hi Stonermom!

    The best birthday gift ever was from my Dad. My first electric/acoustic guitar. I play so many different instruments now days but that guitar is super special. <3 Love your content. Happy Friday.

  97. My best birthday gift I ever received was money toward a trip abroad. It was my first time out of the country so it was a great adventure!

  98. Best birthday gift ever- finding out I was pregnant with my first child!

  99. I’m gonna deviate a little from what you ask for two reasons; I don’t plan on winning I just like to participate and secondly my birthday is right on top of Christmas so it’s always overlooked. Anyway, 6 years ago before babies , I did a birthday party for my wife. She had no idea or did anybody else except 2 others it would turn into an engagement party. (Side note) I think the week after I bought the engagement ring I lost my job to downsizing. Okay, so this is where it turns good. I couldn’t do it the normal way of asking, it’s just not me. So what I did was get a picture frame and made a huge sign saying she was my best friend and it was time for us to spend the rest of our lives together. I took a picture of me holding the sign and put it into the frame and wrapped it up and stuck it in the pile of gifts that people had brought. So when everyone had eaten enough and were borderline over served it was gift opening time. Thank god for cell phone addicts to be able to get video of it from like 5 different angles. I’ll never forget the face or the sounds she made when she opened up the box with the frame and tried to make sense of the pic of me and the sign and her realizing I was opening up a ring box for her to see her engagement ring. That is the point that my life finally started to turn beautiful and gave me so much happiness.

  100. My husband asked me to marry him on my birthday and that was a great gift! I joke now that he only did it because he couldn’t think of a better gift, but it was a great surprise and I am happily and gratefully married to my best friend for five years now. Happy birthday to your hubby!

  101. Illegal stoner mom

    This is the honest truth: my entire family forgot my 12th birthday. I just remember it being the middle of the week. We had probably celebrated the Sunday before because being born on Mother’s Day, the birthday is always around it and we always got our extended family together at my grandparents. But I remember nobody acknowledging it on that day and me pouting over it. I was on the Atari 2600, I think, making birthday greetings to myself on the TV screen when one of my parents saw it apologized, etc… I don’t remember any presents that I had probably gotten the Sunday before. Because 12yo brains are brats. So when 16 Candles came out, I so related to her.

  102. Michaela

    The best birthday gift I’ve ever recieved was a blue and purple lava lamp from my dad. My sister and I had a red one when we were kids (mostly hers because I was the youngest and had no right to any fun, earthly possession or otherwise…ask me about the cats.), since they were making a comeback, he got me one of my own. Lol, only took 20 years…. It’s actually so soothing to have it on in a room, and can I just say it’d pair beautifully my very first bong? (Love watching you and David together, top favorite couples for sure. xx.)

  103. Lauren (LadyLavender116)

    The best birthday present I ever got wasssssss
    My first pipe!!! I just turned 18 and was able to finally go to a head shop. I of course got the most obvious pipe ever!! It was a clear clean spoon that had 420 with rasta colors lol I had for like 4 years and it finally broke due to cleaning lol.