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Hi there fellow hemp enthusiasts! In this post, I am reviewing some gorgeous buds from Upstate Hemp co. These indoor grown strains are beautiful examples of smokeable hemp flowers, and they had some really great effects that I think you guys will be fans of.

If you’re new to hemp and are wondering why on earth anyone would smoke it, please check out my posts here and here, where I talk about the many reasons hemp has become such a valuable tool for the modern cannabis user. Hemp flower is legal to buy, is rich in terpenes and CBD, and contains legal levels of THC, making it accessible to those in prohibition states. With its low amounts of THC, hemp from sources like Upstate Hemp co. is perfect for anyone who has ever felt too high from regular cannabis buds. Hemp users get all the benefits from terpenes and cannabinoids, without the psychoactive effect that THC brings on.

Read on for a closer look at these beautiful and unique hemp strains from Upstate Hemp co, and be sure to check out their site to learn more.

The very frosty Deschutes strain.

Upstate Hemp Co | Hemp Flower Review

Upstate Hemp co. is based out of New York state and specializes in hand-picked, high-quality smokeable hemp flower. They source their hemp from a small handful of farms in upstate New York, ensuring a fresh variety of CBD strains. Most of the hemp companies I review source their hemp from farms on the west coast or Colorado, so there are a lot of repeat strains you see among these brands. Upstate Hemp’s strains are unique east coast strains that I’ve never heard of before, perfect for those looking for something different.

Due to the number of farms we work with, we have the luxury of choosing only the best of what they have to offer. Our selection process does not stop at lab results. Terpene profile, bud structure and carrying something “different” all play important roles in our decision making. –

Orders from Upstate Hemp co. ship with applicable lab results, also available on their website.


LAB RESULTS: 17.5% CBD, .12% Δ9 THC
TASTING NOTES: earth, pine, sweet

Upstate Hemp co’s Umpqua is an indoor-grown strain with a generous amount of trichomes! Frosty and beautiful, these buds are a perfect consistency and ground up to a soft, fluffy finish that works great for rolling in joints and using in a dry herb vaporizer. It has a fresh piney and earthy aroma with a strong, sweet undertone. With a long curing process, smoking Umpqua is smooth and pleasant.

This is a fantastic strain for the morning and leaves the user feeling refreshed and at ease. Umpqua’s effects left me quite uplifted and with a clear head, the perfect mindset for any task. It provides me a noticeable change in mood and anxiety level. A wonderful strain to start the day or to kick the afternoon slump. Highly recommended!



LAB RESULTS: 16.5% CBD, .07% Δ9 THC
TASTING NOTES: floral, berry, fruit
FEELING: Relaxed and Uplifted

This cultivar was grown right next to our ever-popular Umpqua and exhibits a few similar qualities as they share F1 genetics. The floral and fruity scent upon opening is an excellent indicator of what Deschutes has to offer!

Deschutes is a true delight! Exhibiting delicate flavors of florals and berry, this strain absolutely shines when vaped. My buds were medium to small in size, with medium density and had a nice coating of trichomes. Lightly trimmed to preserve the small crystal-coated leaves, this strain is a visibly potent treat for any hemp lover.

Though Upstate Hemp co categorizes this strain as “relaxing”, I find it to be perfectly suited for daytime hours. Deschutes leaves me clear-headed and amused, ready to get things done without anxious intrusive thoughts. I feel very uplifted when using this strain, and it has become a favorite tool for managing symptoms of my depression and anxiety. No couch lock or coming down sensations. It gives me all the anxiety relief and motivation I look for in a strain, without the distracting high. A must-try for hemp lovers!

Put Upstate Hemp co. on your list of hemp providers! Their carefully curated strains are delightfully unique, and their indoor-grown buds are of fantastic quality. Aromatic and with a wealth of visible trichomes, this hemp flower is sure to please the hemp connoisseur. Learn more and shop at


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