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Why Vaping is a Great Choice for Parents

We can all agree that cannabis poses no threat to us medically, but breathing smoke of any kind is known to be harmful. When something is burned (combusted), it releases all sorts of harmful toxins.

Marijuana Smoke is also Completely Unfriendly to Children. Exposure to smoke can cause respiratory problems. Second Hand Marijuana smoke exposes them to cannabinoids AND toxins from burning.

  • Exposure to secondhand cannabis smoke results in absorption of cannabinoids.
  • Secondhand exposure can produce mild subjective and behavioral/cognitive effects.
  • Room ventilation ameliorates the effects of secondhand cannabis smoke exposure.


Smoke is stinky, and far from discreet. Light up a bowl of weed or a joint, and everyone knows what you are up to. And when you’ve trained your kids from birth that anyone smoking a cigarette is poisoning themselves, your children freak out if they see smoke escaping from your mouth.

All of this adds to the mountain of reasons why parents are too terrified to try cannabis. But, now we have this super popular, medically preferred, and family-friendly method: Vaporizing! 

Vaporizing Cannabis is a Game Changer. Here’s Why:

  • Vapor is Steam- NOT SMOKE.
  • Burning cannabis releases smoke with carcinogens and other toxins into your air. This is why it is not advised to do around children. Young kids especially have a greater risk of respiratory issues if they are often exposed to smoke. If your child has asthma or allergy issues, than it’s even more important to keep them away from smoke exposure.
  • Vaporizing heats cannabis below the point of combustion, meaning it never catches alight, and never produces smoke. Virtually zero toxins are released and instead of smoke you get vapor, steamy air that is full of cannabinoids- the whole reason we get high in the first place! 
  • This means you get more of your medicine, and less of the other shit.
  • Cannabis vapor has no smell, or if you have the uncanny sense of smell that I do, you’ll notice a slight burnt popcorn type odor that disappears right at exhale.
  • Vaping is discreet. No odor, no clinging smoke, no hot-boxing anything. Vaporizers look like medical equipment, as opposed to bongs and joints which look like- bongs and joints.

How it Works

Vaporizers heat your cannabis at a temperature just below combustion. When you vape cannabis, the flower is kinda ‘cooked’, without exposure to flame. These lower temperatures may release more cannabinoids than by smoking, making vaporizing a serious consideration if using cannabis for medical purposes. Most importantly, vaporizers eliminate the health risks associated with smoke. 

Terms you Should Know

Vaporizer– a device that generates a particular substance in the form of vapor, especially for medicinal inhalation.

Combustion– The process of burning something

Already Been Vaped (ABV)– Cannabis that has been vaped to the point of being finished, still has properties that make it an option for making your own edibles or concentrates

Conduction– Heating something by having it touch something hot

Convection– Heating something by heating the air around the something

Portable vs Desktop

While there are an assortment of ways one can smoke marijuana, to vape it you will need to buy a specialized device. A vaporizer can be purchased at a variety of places online or in person. The great thing about vaporizers, is the wide range of shapes, sizes, and prices they come in. You can find a vaporizer for every level of stoner!

A Desktop or Plug-in Vaporizer is one that plugs into the wall and is not meant to be used on the go. They are more efficient and typically use the convection method for heating. Here is an affiliate link to the Arizer Extreme Q, my current desktop vaporizer. 

Portable vaporizers are small, handheld, rely on battery power, and often conduction heating, typically in a heated metal chamber. You should take care not to over-pack these, and to stir your cannabis after a few pulls to make sure of even heating. Portable vaporizers are super discreet, meaning you can pretty much get high any place you want, when you want. Here is an affiliate link to my beloved Fez. Or you can read my review and learn more about it here. 


What Does The Stoner Mom Do?

I have two vaporizers, my Arizer Extreme Q for serious vape sessions in my bedroom, and my beloved Fez, for quick and stealthy tokes during the day. My preferred routine is to vape during the day when children will be in the house, and to smoke cannabis in the evening when children are fast asleep in their rooms. I do not currently adhere to that though. On days when there are no kids, all bets are off. It’s hot-box-the-3000-sq.-ft.-house-time. I am fortunate to have a very well ventilated house.

Smoking weed gives me a stronger and more powerful high. Vaping gives me a lighter, clearer high. Results will vary, but I can count on vaporizing to give me great results with no crash (unlike edibles) and without being super stoney (looking at you, giant bong).

I love smoking weed, I’m sure you can tell. I love it so very much that I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I’m one of those people that doesn’t deprive themselves of worldly pleasures. A female libertine if you will. But, as my kids get older, I see vaping taking over as the daytime method of choice, reserving smoking for after-hours with hubby and on my stoned weekend.


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