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July 17, 2015


Reads of the Week:

Is Bohemian Grove the Real Life Secret to True Detective Season 2? No joke, I’m a conspiracy theory and true crime kind of girl. From JonBenet Ramsey to MH370 theories, my brain is a true cavern of useless conspiracy trivia. likely a reason I am so drawn to the show True Detective. Anyway, seeing Bohemian Grove in the headline of a True Detective piece my my brain suddenly click “a ha!” (funny how that always happens after someone tells you the secret). After reading this excellent article I’m crossing my fingers that season 2 still has a chance.

Pot Pioneering Colorado rejects Marijuana as PTSD Treatment  90% of medical marijuana users register because of their “chronic pain”. PTSD is a serious problem visited on societies most vulnerable. Lack of evidence isn’t a valid excuse. Marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug means no research is conducted, plus current house republicans go out of their way to limit medical research. While I am proud that Colorado focuses on doing legalization right, there are still loopholes everywhere.

Curious about exactly who is lobbying against marijuana legalization? Here’s a hint, it’s not the public. More like the police, private prisons, alcohol and tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies, and prison guard unions. They can’t be biased right? The Top Five Special Interest Groups Lobbying to Keep Marijuana Illegal.

3 Pricks in 3 Minutes

The Lost Girls


The Mixed up Brothers of Bagota

Recommended Watching: 

Camp 14- Total Control Zone

The Imposter 


This Weekend Try:   Jack Herer 

This Sativa is the real deal- a renowned medical strain that kills pain and makes the brain perform like a computer. I love this strain for daytime. It’s an absolute must try for any stoner mom- or dad! 

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