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August 21, 2015

Reads of the Week

What makes an OG Strain and OG Strain?  A quick read that will shed light for newbies on the magnificent OG Kush.

Colorado Court Rules Against Baker Who Refused to Serve Same-Sex Couples. Haha.

Sky Pool. Would you swim in this? I bet people are going to flash their private bits all the time. 

The Creative Apocalypse that Wasn’t. “In the digital economy, it was supposed to be impossible to make money by making art. Instead, creative careers are thriving — but in complicated and unexpected ways.”

The Bail Trap

Far more are serving time in state prisons, and nearly three-quarters of a million aren’t in prison at all but in local city and county jails. Of those in jails, 60 percent haven’t been convicted of anything. They’re innocent in the eyes of the law, awaiting resolution in their cases. Some of these inmates are being held because they’re considered dangerous or unlikely to return to court for their hearings. But many of them simply cannot afford to pay the bail that has been set.

The grand illusion of Europe’s invisible borders Pretty pictures. I heart Europe.


Recommended Watching

Ten years since Katrina, one of the Unites States’ worst natural disasters. Maybe you are like me and were twenty-two when Katrina struck. Watching Spike Lee’s masterpiece When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, will teach you so much about an event that most of us witnessed casually on a television screen.

My latest Netflix binge was Death Row Stories. I wish there were more episodes. The Timothy Hennis case is absolutely fascinating, one of the craziest things I’ve ever read about, hand down.

This Weekend Try: Moonshine Haze


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