A Perfect Purple Piece

Oh friends. Last month my husband did some work for DankGeek.com in exchange for a piece he was combing the interwebs for. Ever since I purchased Ariel, I’ve wanted a smaller HVY Glass piece. I wanted something I could walk around with, that was easy to hide away, and had the beautiful glasswork that HVY is known for. Well apparently, what I wanted was quite hard to find on the internet. Like impossible. And so David scoured, and Dankgeek procured, and now Violet has found her way home. 11.5” tall with a generous sized base. She is perfection!

A little dirty here oh dear. That bowl has a very tough to clean spot, needs a good soaking. 😉


I love these! Someone told me what these were called but you know, I was stoned and forgot. I like to refer to them as barnacles. Look how pretty! Distinct floral pattern.


The bottom of the piece is clear glass, giving it the illusion of levitation when I photographed her. I love that I can peek under to see how dirty my water is.


More of those… barnacles.


That’s her! Wanna watch a sesh with Violet? Check it out below!



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