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V Leaf Vaporizer Review and Walk-thru | The Stoner Mom Reviews

The V Leaf is Vivant’s most recent shot at a dry herb vaporizer at an affordable price, and after using this device for several weeks I can confidently say that they nailed it! Efficient, durable, and at a significantly lower price than most loose leaf vaporizers, the V Leaf is my new top choice for someone brand new to vaporizing who isn’t looking to spend a fortune.

Read on for my full review and walk-thru of the V Leaf, and for the more visual types, check out the video below!

V Leaf Vaporizer | a $50 Vaporizer that Works

The V-Leaf is a pen-style convection/conduction hybrid vaporizer, built for vaping dry leaf only. Powerful and versatile, able to be used alone or with a water pipe, the V Leaf is a great value device. Simple and user-friendly, the V Leaf doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles and instead relies on efficiency and function to wow its users. While not as discreet as its more expensive competitors, this is still a very portable device that delivers on its claims and gets the job done.

V Leaf specs

  • Built in li-ion 2800 mAh rechargeable battery
  • LED light indicator shows on/off, temperature, battery life, and timers
  • Ceramic heating chamber – The patent pending ceramic heating chamber uses a helical air path channel to provide both convection and conduction heating simultaneously
  • 5 temperature options – 370°, 383°, 395°, 408°, and 420°F
  • 1 button control system
  • Includes water pipe adaptor for use with your favorite bong
  • Full charge in 2 hours


V Leaf comes with


1 x V Leaf vaporizer
1 x user manual
1 x cleaning brush
1 x silicon sleeve
1 x water pipe adaptor
1 x USB cable
1 x extra O ring
2 x screens
1 x packing tool





What I Love about the V Leaf


Honestly, I can’t get over the fact that this device is so inexpensive. Bottom line, for $50 the V Leaf delivers a durable device that works. Buy one of these and you’ll be able to blow thick vapor clouds, straight out of the box and without costing the equivalent of a car payment.

Medicating with cannabis should be as easy and available as possible, and that includes the cost of basic devices like an herb vaporizer. While there is room for devices at every price point, it’s really important that there are suitable vaporizers available to someone with the tightest of resources.


Water Pipe Adapter | put it in your favorite bong!

The other feature that separates the V Leaf from the rest of the vaporizer pack, is its ability to be used with a basic bong. Slide on the included rubber water pipe adapter, pop this baby into a down stem and do some smokeless bong rips! Using a bong with your vaporizer cools your vapor and can lead to a more enjoyable vaping experience.

Drawbacks to Consider

Not many in my book! Having such a dramatically low price makes me much more accepting of its bulkiness. It’s true, the V Leaf isn’t the sexiest looking device, nor is it very discreet. Modeled as a pen style vaporizer, the V Leaf is really too large to consider a true pen device. But while it’s too bulky for a pants pocket or clutch, it is still very portable. It is also heavier than the average portable vape. Though travel-friendly and portable, it is not small or light, nor is it discreet enough for a super stealthy session. I’d stick with this device as a great one for home use and travel and not so much for stealth or discretion.

I also think the one-button control system takes a little time to get the hang of. This is true for most portable vaporizers with one button, so it’s not something I would hold against the V Leaf. Read the included instructions and eventually using the V Leaf will become second nature. My biggest issue was remembering to hold the button for 2 seconds to start a session; instead I kept tapping the button two times to start, which actually brings you to the temperature control options. Now that I’ve used the V Leaf for several weeks, turning it on and starting a sesh is easy.

V LEaf’s single button is on the bottom of the device

Using the V Leaf

Using the V Leaf is so easy! For a demonstration please check out the video at the beginning of this post.

  1. Pull off the top cap
  2. Load ground materials into the ceramic bowl (Vivant recommends loading .1g-.3g of material each time for the best vaping experience)
  3. Twist and press on the top cap
  4. Press the power button five times quickly to turn on the V Leaf.
  5. Start your session by holding the power button for two seconds. The device light will cycle through all the different temperatures for around 30 seconds while heating up. Once the V Leaf reaches the desired temperature the flashing stops.
  6. Put your lips around the mouthpiece and draw in, sucking vapor into your mouth, and then deeply inhale into your lungs. You did it!
  7. To use with the included water pipe adaptor, simply put the adapter onto the mouthpiece of the V Leaf, and insert the entire device upside down into the down-stem of a water pipe. Hold the button down for two seconds to initiate heating, and when the device is at the set temperature, draw on the bong as you normally would. The bong will fill with vapor just like it does with smoke. When you’re ready to clear it, just pull the vaporizer out as if it were a normal bowl.

Concluding Thoughts

In a world full of highly rated $200 and up vaporizers, the simple V Leaf is a welcome addition for anyone ready to explore a combustion free practice without making a huge dent in their budget. To learn more about the V Leaf check out Vivant.


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