Green Crack is a popular strain with an unpopular name. A winner for mood lift and energy, there is nothing negative about this tasty sativa.

I’m smoking Green Crack as I write this, because it’s 9:3o and I’ve got my coffee and a list of housework to do. Obviously the name is off- putting, I can assure you that I feel ridiculous as a 31-year-old woman asking for it at the dispensary. “May I see the Green Crack please? I’ll have a half of Green Crack please.” But man, the effects of this weed are well worth the awkwardness of saying it. Green Crack is a go-to sativa, perfect for daytime medicating. With a delicious, fruity taste and pleasant smell, Green Crack is surprisingly housewife friendly. You’ll be focused, sweet, cheerful and ready to tackle your myriad of domestic chores. F yes bitches.

  • Energy: Like… well, crack, Green Crack provides an instant energy boost last can last a solid couple hours. And beautifully, no drowsy come down. You’re high until you’re not. If you’re me that means time to reload the bowl.
  • Mental Awareness: Really good. In addition to the usual marijuana creativity boost, Green Crack provides a levelheaded and focused high. It’s a great pot for project and chores. I find myself extremely productive when I smoke this. I also love it for unwinding and writing, it’s great for piano playing, and provides the perfect high for commanding the child troops all day.
  • Emotional State: Green Crack is so uplifting! Joy and euphoria are the norm. Coupled with the mental awareness it provides, this is a really good strain for thinking through problems. It’s a conversation enhancer that keeps you balanced and thoughtful.
  •  Jumpiness/Paranoia: Zero. Seriously, I’ve never had an overly jumpy high with Green Crack.


It’s unfortunate name choice does little justice for this uplifting, tasty, and energy boosting strain. Green Crack is a dependable strain that provides anxiety relief and focus, perfect for any mom.













The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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