The Story of Mystery Dank  

Over a year ago the BFF came over and handed me a slender bag containing two cannabis seeds. For close to six months it sat on my husbands computer desk, with the name of the strain clearly labeled. We had no interest in growing at the time so there was nothing encouraging us to do anything with them. In late May husband was preparing the vegetable garden and casually tossed the pot seeds into the garden with the rest of everything. And then… I forgot about it.

Over the summer, in came the cucumbers, and up popped this gorgeous cannabis plant, completely independent, doing it own thing, getting watered by hose water (oops) and rain, all under the watchful eye of my green thumb husband. He would give it compost and make sure it had water, other than that it was on it’s own.

Only when it became obvious that this thing meant business  did it suddenly occur to us to wonder what the hell kind of pot was it? Where was the bag? Gone. Um… anyone remember? Anyone? BFF?

Nope. By the end of summer Mystery Dank was four feet tall and ready to harvest. Husband brought in the beautiful buds and hung them to dry in our locked basement storage room. It cured for about two and a half weeks before I started smoking it. Husband doesn’t smoke but is fascinated by growing any kind of plant. He was very interested in how this pot might affect me.

Holy moly Mystery Dank gets me high. Like HIGH. STONED. To the bone. Like Karl Malone.

We’re talking body AND head.  It smells and tastes so fragrant and sweet. Zero skunk smell. Goes straight to my head and makes me instantly fuzzy, happy, laugh. Then my legs become stones and I want to lay in bed and talk and laugh and love and live.

I LOVE Mystery Dank!

Too bad it will never be replicated. Oh well. To that end I say enjoy while it’s here. And that is what I will do now.

Mystery Dank, only available at mi casa. Delicious, highly potent, a mutant weed of peasant stock stealing the sun from our cucumbers. Highly Recommended. 








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