Tangerine Kush | STRAIN REVIEW

Tangerine Haze x Rare Dankness

Tangerine Kush is an indica dominant hybrid made for relaxation. With its chatty and euphoric high and body-heavy haze, Tangerine Kush is a great cannabis strain for entertaining.

Tangerine Kush_101It’s probably pretty clear by now that The Stoner Mom does not regularly consume indicas. I am really sensitive to anything that might make me a wee bit drowsy, and drowsiness + parenting = worst day ever. Tangerine Kush is a middle road indica that doesn’t quite knock you out, but definitely mellows you out. Beautifully hued with many bright orange pistils, Tangerine Kush smells as lovely as it looks. Very sweet, very citrusy, over all delicious. Kicks in quickly with a decent length high (2 hrs).

  • Energy: Surprisingly, this lovely weed provides the briefest lift almost immediately as it settles in. Tangerine Kush provides a euphoric and talkative state right away but be ready for loss of energy around the thirty minute mark. High potential for a serious couch lock with this one.
  • Mental Awareness: Tangerine Kush provides an almost exclusive head high. Focus is intensified, very thoughtful high. It’s what makes it great for entertainment despite its typical indica characteristics. A great weed for conversation; think drinks with friends at home, drowsy date nights where you can stumble into bed after dinner, vegging out with your favorite Netflix binge watching session.
  • Emotional State: Such a happy high, Tangerine Kush is good for anxiety and depression. Keep it for the evening though, there is a good chance that you will go to bed early and have some kick ass dreams.
  • Jumpiness/Paranoia: During that twenty-minute window of energy and silliness, yes, there’s a bit of potential for paranoid freakouts. Take it easy in the beginning of your smoke session and you should be fine.

As bright and cheerful as the California sun, Tangerine Kush is the strain for conversation and laughs. Smoke it with friends that you don’t mind having over for a while. Highly recommended.

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