What’s Going On Growers? Welcome to another What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

This week we are checking back in on our grow with The Vault Seed Company seeds.
As a refresher, here are the strains we are growing.

Cherries Jubilee – Cali Connection
Skywalker Kush – DNA Genetics
Tahoe OG – Cali Connection
French Macaron – T.H. Seeds
Maui Waui – Nirvana Seeds
Louis XIII – Cali Connection


This is week 5 of flower in the grow and I could not be happier. I have set up my SCROG so that my plants are some what secure. I think once they get to be bigger and the colas are more developed, I will need to secure the plants to bamboo rods so they don’t fall over.


The nutrient line I finally settled on is Advanced Nutrients. I love this line because it it ph perfect meaning no need to ph my mix. Just pour mix and feed. Here are the nutrients in the mix for this week.

 pH Perfect® Connoisseur Coco Bloom A&B
Big Bud® Coco
Bud Candy
Bud Factor X
Bud Ignitor®

One thing I will mention, I am also adding CalMag to the mix as I am growing in Coco and have cut the Connoisseur mix in half. It’s powerful stuff people and you have to go easy with it. I am at around 5ml per gallon.

So that is it for this week’s episode. As always follow the progress of the grow on instagram @COHempgrower and feel free to email me with any questions you may have at david@thestonermom.com.


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