This week I am going to show you my work around for watering lots of plants constantly. I am also going to show you a little plant maintenance.


What’s Going On in Dave’s Grow? | Watering Made Easy and Plant Upkeep

When you have multiple grows going at once, you realize that feeding your plants becomes quite the chore. I know you all have had your share of lugging 5 gallon buckets to and fro filled with water. You soon realize that 5 gallon buckets just can’t get the job done some times. So what do you do?

My solution was a bigger reservoir on wheels with a delivery system of some sort. I had a submersible water pump sitting around from my hydro grow days and decided to incorporate that some how. I went to the hardware store and purchased a 20 gallon plastic waste bin. I also bought a plastic connector to fit on my pump for a garden hose.

A 25 foot hose was too big for my grow room, so I found a leader hose that was around 10 feet. I bought a wand for the hose and had the makings of the delivery system. Next was how to make it easy to move around when it was full of water. I purchased a small dolly base which is essentially a carpeted palate with casters. I also grabbed a bag of bungie cords with hooks to secure it to the base.

So to recap: Pump with fitting > garden hose > leader hose > watering wand > dolly base secured by bungie cords. Then you have yourself a mobile watering reservoir. I fill mine up with 20 gallons, mix nutrients and get about 4 days out of it (depending on how many plants I have). I also made a 36 gallon one for larger grows.

In the video I also cover plant maintenance. It’s important during your grow to actually pull those plants out of the tent and give them a little love. I like to make sure the bigger lower fan leaves aren’t touching your grow medium. I remove those and any diseased or dying leaves. Discolored leaves are a sign of disease and I recommend removing them from your plant when you see them. The same goes for dead leaves that are now laying on the top of your growing medium.

Don’t be afraid to trim leaves that are shading lower leaves not allowing them to receive light. Later on in another episode I will do an in depth defoliation so you can see how the leaves grow right back and fast!

I hope you enjoyed this episode of What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow? Be sure to check back soon and email me with questions at

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