This week we flush our plants. We are nearing the end of the grow and it’s time to flush the remaining nutrients out of the plants.


What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow? | Flushing

What is flushing? Flushing is the act of pouring clean water with no nutrients through your plants the last week of the grow. Many nutrient lines offer a supplement to add to the water to aid in the act of purging the remaining nutrients. In this grow I am using Botanicare’s Clearex.

So why flush your plants?

Look, I have gone through grow cycles where I didn’t flush at all. I have gone through many where I have and have been happy with the results both ways. However, flushing has it’s advantages. If you flush your plants the last week of the grow, it forces the plant to use up the remaining nutrients left over. The result is a nice clean bud with no harshness. You will also find that it will make the buds more tight and compact.

How do you know when to flush?

The easiest way to know when to flush is to check your trichomes. Use a small microscope to view the trichomes. If you see a mix of cloudy and amber trichomes, the time is now. Trichomes affect the way you experience the cannabis. If your plant has clear trichomes, it isn’t time yet. The next stage would be a mixture of cloudy and clear trichomes. This is the stage where if you were to harvest, you would experience a “head high”. A mix of cloudy and amber trichomes will leave you with a nice balance of head and body high. If you let things go too long, you will have mostly amber trichomes and will experience a very “stoned” feeling.

I really love this light and the results are making me very happy. Head over to to learn more about these amazing lights and they ave a wealth of knowledge to help you with your grow.




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