In this week’s episode we give the lovely ladies the old Chop Chop.

What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow? | Harvest

Harvest time is so satisfying. All the hard work you put in to your grow pays off with a beautiful harvest. I have to say right off the bat, this is probably the best grow I have had as a grower. I completely attribute it to a few changes in my method as well as the grow light I am using.

Over the past 3 months my knowledge of LED grow lights has grown unbelievably. I have learned so much about the perfect spectrum for growing cannabis and have seen the results before my eyes. I always was so used to having multiple grow lights in a tent. It just seemed weird if I did no have “supplemental lighting”. I have come to find that having more than one light for my grow is insanely wasteful.

The Black Dog LED light I am using for this grow is profoundly superior to everything else I have tried in the past. The PhytoGenesis Spectrum is truly the best spectrum for plants hands down. I have also learned to embrace growing more in a smaller space. I used to think you needed a massive tent to put as many plants as possible in. Now I want to try to see how many pounds I can get with a 3×3 grow tent.

So as I was harvesting my plant, I tried something new this go round. I trimmed everything as much as possible, then I put the buds in to a drying basket in my grow tent with the fans running. Traditionally you would hang your plants upside down to dry and then bend the stem to see if you get that ‘snap’ after 3 – 5 days. I left some colas with stems in the drying basket here to check for that snap. I will say it took about 4 days max to get them as dry as I wanted.

The next episode will focus on curing, I will go ahead and say I was able to grow over a pound with 1 light and 4 plants. Now I am beginning to think I will have too much and will most likely donate some to veterans charities here in Colorado. I hope you all like this series and if you have any suggestions for the next grow, let me know.




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