In this week’s episode we revisit the garden and catch you up on what has been going on.


What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow? | Recap

Sorry for the absence. In this week’s episode I am going to catch you up on where we are today. The last harvest has come down and has cured. I show what I have remaining in the video, as I did take some to press in to rosin (and some is filling The Stoner Mom’s cache).

I received 4 fully vegged plants recently. 2 Blue Dream, 1 Purple Now and Later (an indica strain) and 1 Gorilla glue. I transplanted all 4 plants into coco and de-foliated them all twice before putting up the scrog. You will see my canopy is un-even, that is because of the Blue Dream being so stretchy.

I am using Botanicare nutrients for this grow and also have put in my more powerful PhytoMAX-2 800 series light in this tent. The hope is to get bigger yields our of these 4 plants. I also invested in some plant risers so the plants will drain in to the dishes below once I water. As always I am using my GoldLeaf grow journal to track my progress. You can check out their line of journals here.

I also share a glimpse in to my bigger tent (a 4×4). I will be putting mostly hemp in this tent. I have a mother plant (hemp) that I took 4 clones from and I started a seed from a strain called cutie (also hemp) which I got from the good people at Blue Forest Farms. Hemp is my new passion and I am excited to grow my own and find that perfect strain that works best for me.

As mentioned in the video, the Black Dog LED Complete Grow Kits are available now for order. You can see that selection here. Use the code STONERMOMKIT18 for a discount and if you are interested in purchasing a PhytoMAX-2 series light, use the code STONERMOMLIGHT18 for a discount on lighting

Thank you for watching and I hope you tune in for the next episode of What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow? Follow me on instagram to see my progress @COWeedGrower. Email me with questions at



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