Welcome to Episode 2 of the Killa Bees Seeds Grow!

In this episode, we transplant what are now seedlings into larger containers. While this is not a pheno-hunt, we are choosing the best-looking plants for our tent. Originally, we popped 5 Pink Kush and 4 Purple Paralysis seeds. The laws in Colorado, for a medical cannabis cultivator like myself, give me an extended plant count of 12 plants. However, this means I can have only 6 flowering and 6 plants in veg at once.

Because of this law, I am picking 3 of the best-looking plants from each strain to grow. One other thing to note, I know my purple paralysis seedlings look a little…. droopy. Fear not, they were simply a little water-stressed and bounced right back after the transplant.

The next video will show these plants in late flowering, and then the harvest.  You can also visit my Instagram feed for the latest posts of the grow @whatsgoingonindavesgrow. Have questions? Send them to me at david@thestonermom.com. Happy Growing!

Killa Beez Seed Bank is a great resource for seeds. Be sure to check them out here.



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