It’s FALL!

Okay, so who doesn’t love fall? It’s gorgeous, it’s fleeting, it’s the harbinger of the holidays. It’s also the perfect time to do some home maintenance before the cold winter months set in. I like to use the fall as my seasonal reminder to reassess the kids’ winter items, our schedule as the daylight hours change, and make purchases and adjustments where needed. In today’s post, I will lay out my tips for a winter prep session. So, grab a bong, plan your attack, and let’s spruce up some stuff!

Sprucing up Casa de la Stoner

This month we are CLEANING UP OUR HOUSE! Well, more like prettying it up a little. After years of hemming and hawing, we are finally scheduling the kitchen rehaul. So, new countertops, faucet, sink, lighting and possibly seating. I shall keep you updated.

In preparation for my new beautiful kitchen, at least in comparison to its current state, I have cleaned up different areas of the house that have lacked attention. I bought a bunch of new frames that I love, and I plan on redoing my picture wall in the stairway.

Switching out existing frames is an easy way to freshen up a room without too much thought.


I also cleaned out my office area and reorganized it, getting rid of piles of paperwork I didn’t need.




Moved some furniture, hung a new mirror, restocked the school supplies for after dinner homework at the table.
Someday soon I will fix this fireplace monstrosity. I’m not sure how. Can I just get rid of it or will the house blow up? I can’t do that though, cause Katya would be so angry to lose her princess throne.





The Stoner Mom’s Winter Prep Checklist

Here is a list of things to consider doing this fall to prepare your space and family for winter.


Kids + Clothes

Every fall, check your coat situation and make each child try on their coats. The worst time to realize your kid’s coat is ridiculously small for them is the freezing morning before school.

Before you begin your audit of everyone’s winter supplies, grab a notebook so you can write down anything you need to purchase.

Mittens, gloves, scarves, hats. Find a catch-all solution for everyone. I set up a big basket in the entrance where the kids gather while getting ready to leave for school.

Check all winter boots to make sure they are still functional and that they fit. Set up a place for muddy boots to go when you and your crew get home. A boot tray in the hall, a pallet in the garage, a designated spot in the laundry room. Doesn’t matter. I use a big basket.

Rearrange closets so that cold weather clothing is easy to see and access for all family members. Inspect sweaters and make sure pants are long enough on all of the kids.

Add an extra 10 minutes to the morning school commute.

Throw blankets in the dryer for a quick way to warm up the kids after they are buckled in the car. Remember, children should not be buckled into their car seats with a jacket on. I keep blankets in the laundry room for this purpose.

New desk lamp for me. Additional lighting helps warm up the home aesthetically in the darker months.


Streamline your landing strip (not that one). That first area of the home you hit when you arrive is the landing strip. In the winter we tend to have a lot more shit on us when we get home, so figure out where you want people to put their coats, backpacks, shoes and umbrellas. Otherwise, it will end up on the floor.

Switch rotation of ceiling fans to help push warm air down.

Make or purchase door and window-cozies, especially if you have leaky windows.

Survey toys and books. Donate what you can to prepare for the holiday influx of new crap.

Restock candles, flashlights, space heaters and sources of fire. Also consider adding additional lamps or lighting to living spaces. It’s dark in the winter!


Resist pruning in the fall. It’s best to wait until LATE WINTER.

Drain sprinklers and turn off exterior faucets.

Inspect winter toys for the kiddos and take notes on what you need to replace. Store summer toys for the season.

Stock up the House the Winter Months

We eat differently in the winter, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that! The fall is the perfect time to stock up the pantry with holiday season essentials, like hot chocolate and flour. Here are things I like to stock up on in the colder months:

  • Hot chocolate + marshmallows
  • stock up on prepared soups
  • frozen rolls
  • chuck tender roasts
  • beans + rice
  • veggie stock
  • big ass carrots
  • onions
  • flour, baking soda and powder, chocolate chips, pie crusts and fillings.
  • Lotions
  • tissues
  • Aquaphor is a godsend to any household with children. Use it on their faces when the skin gets rubbed raw with tissues and sleeves.
  • humidifiers. You never think you need more than one until you do.
  • Children’s Tylenol and Motrin
  • Thermometer covers
  • healing bubble bath solution (we use Dr.ther Teals with eucalyptus)
  • Break out the slow cooker and pick out some easy hearth warming recipes- corn chowder, chili, pot roasts and more.


Review the extreme weather guidelines for your schools drop off and pick up procedure.

Stock the car with emergency supplies, particularly for the children. Extra gloves, heavy socks, fleeces, hats and emergency blankets.

Make your husband prepare your car for winter. Sorry. I don’t know crap about cars. But I know they get cold if you’re stranded.

That’s it for this one guys! Hope you enjoyed, hope it helps, and stay tuned! There are some super cool things in the works right now. 😉


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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