I'm The Stoner Mom.

I want to introduce you to a different type of stoner. 

I am the boo-boo kissing, classroom-volunteering, perma-stoned, supermom standing next to you at school pickup. 

I launched this website in 2014 to give a face to responsible cannabis use. Since then I have helped countless adults take their first steps into their personal cannabis journey. 

Surprisingly, I haven't always been a stoner.

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Let mom explain why it's okay to get high. 

Because grownups feel weird holding a bong.

Find your new medicine.


I haven't always been this enthusiastic about pot, but I have always been passionate about parenting. 

At one time I was very against parents using cannabis, so you can imagine the research and thought that went into the decision to use it to treat my diagnosed depression disorder. 

I take my role in your cannabis journey very seriously. You can trust that great care and thought has gone into all of the content I create. 

31,000 subscribers and growing fast! The Stoner Mom Show features friendly stoner sessions and tutorials.

The Mom & Dad are Stoned show covers all of the things we love, with plenty of weed consumption throughout. 

My life isn't all about cannabis. Since 2014 I have been writing about love, mothering, life managment, and more.

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