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I get asked for recommendations on everything from where to buy weed, the shows I watch, to how to train babies how to sleep through the night. It takes a village right? Here is my extensive resource list, packed with my real life picks. In a few cases I have an affiliate relationship, but in most these are just my favorite things. Like the Oprah of Weed. Except not giving anything away.


My Favorite Colorado Dispensaries

The Lodge – My new favorite dispensary. Amazing selection! Check out my gelato strain review here.

Doc’s Apothecary– Our lovely neighborhood dispensary. In an unassuming warehouse location in my neck of the woods, this place has been a neighborhood staple for years. Super friendly staff. Medical + Recreational

Ajoya – Great dispensary for med and rec. Friendly and open environment. Perfect for those who have never visited a dispensary before.


My Favorite Edibles

1906 Chocolates

My Favorite Colorado Headshops

Mile High Pipe and Tobacco in Westminster
Mixed Up Creations– The purple bong I use often in videos is from here

My Favorite Online Headshops

SmokeCartel – Great selection, super fast, female friendly!
DankGeek online headshop – Classy gear sold by rad people!

And for you Australians looking for a good online vape shop
Vaporizers Direct (Australia) – Australia’s best online vaporizer store.


Responsible Cannabis Storage

Stashlogix– The best stash bags for parents ever. These are all I use!
CoolJarz– Locking jars for marijuana users with kids. Genius level!
420 Science– Many of the jars featured in my videos are from here.

Cannabis Accessories-

Magical Butter Machine – If you love making edibles, tinctures or tropicals, the magical butter machine is a must have. Use the code stonermom and receive $30 off your order.
LEVO oil machine – The mess free oil infusion machine. Plus, it looks good in your home. Use the code STONERMOM to receive $10 off any color LEVO oil machine you like.
Sploofy– Keep your house smoke free with a Sploofy filter. A must-have for stoner parents! These are cheap and have filters meant to be replaced.
RezBlock– Amazing natural resin protector. This stuff works!
Resolution Caps– These are excellent. Silicone caps that fit over the various spouts and mouthpieces of your glass. I use these every time I clean my bongs.

Cannabis Education- The Major Players

High Times 
The Cannabist

Stoner Gift Guides

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Stoner Guys
2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Stoner Girls
2015 Gifts for Stoners
2016 Holiday Gift Guide
2017 Holiday Gift Guide

*want to be featured in my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide? Contact me


Online CBD Resources

Happy Flower Company – Our line of organically Colorado grown smokable hemp flower! Use code STONERMOM15 for 15% off your purchase.

Hempocator – Great database for all things hemp. From online flower to marketing and ad agencies for hemp. This place has it all.

Medterra –  Medterra is The Stoner Mom’s preferred CBD supplier. Grown in the USA, Third Party Tested and all natural with zero THC. Use code STONERMOMCBD for a 20% discount on your order.

CBDistillery– Made right here in beautiful Colorado. Third party tested and results are posted on their site by each product. Use code StonerMomCBD for a 5% discount on your order.

CBDMD – Largest selection of CBD products. Third party lab results available.

Hemp Crate Co – Subscription CBD service featuring premium CBD products.

Tech & Gear

The Stoner Mom empire is built and maintained on a fast and much loved Macbook Pro with ample external hard drives. I was a portrait photographer many moons ago, so a lot of this gear I have had from those days.

Cameras (I purchase at B&HMikes Camera, and Adorama)

Canon Mark II 5D


Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L
Canon 35mm f/1.4L
Canon 85mm f 1..2L


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Applications + Software

My husband edits my videos with Adobe Premier. I started my YouTube channel editing my own videos with iMovie.

I edit my photography mostly in Adobe RAW and finish in Photoshop. I create my website graphics with Photoshop. For social media images, I use Canva.

David edits our podcast in Audition.


The Stoner Mom’s Favorite Podcasts

Hooray for podcasts! Between audiobooks and podcasts, I have plenty to stimulate my mind during menial mom tasks. I listen to all of these regularly on iTunes.

Education + History

Stuff You Should Know 
Waking Up With Sam Harris 
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Hidden Brain
You Must Remember This
Revisionist History 
Queens of England 
Note to Self
Freakonomics Radio
Reply All
The History of England
The History of Rome
BBC World Service  The Documentary

Personal Development

The Art of Charm
Getting Things Done
Mental Illness Happy Hour


The Dollop
Dumb People Town 

True Crime

The Trail Went Cold
Last Podcast On The Left
My Favorite Murder
True Crime Garage
Generation Why


Profit. Power. Pursuit. 
Being Boss
Side Hustle School
The Smart Passive Income Podcast
Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Game of Thrones

History of Westeros 
Radio Westeros
Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire

Kids & Parenting


Attachment Parenting– The Stoner Mom’s parenting philosophy, that I’ve implemented since pregnancy for my kids.

The Montessori Method– my preferred early childhood education method.

Everyday Mathematics– math curriculum we are slogging happily through

Sensory Processing Disorder– a difficult to understand but quite common disorder that hits particularly close to home– the author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution has a helpful and realistic blog for parents

Starfall– a classic, favorite early literacy site for kids

The Care & Keeping of You– The Stoner Mom is tackling the onset of puberty with this handy book

Hoffman Academy– free online piano course that I approve of and my kids enjoy