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The Ultimate Stoner Gift Guide | this year let’s give gifts that our loved ones really want

Season’s greetings stoner friends! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and stoners deserve to celebrate as much as anyone else! If there is a cannabis lover in your life. 2017 is the year to pamper them! The cannabis industry is booming with new stuff and there are so many high quality products on the market now. This guide features many of my favorite discoveries from 2017, and I have also tried to offer some guidance in shopping for a weed lover in this new era of commercial cannabis.

Also, something new this year! For the first time I have made an accompanying gift guide video! I have many of these products in my home and use them in this episode of The Stoner Mom Show, so if you’d like a deeper look at these products please check it out! I’ve included it at the top of the guide.

I am wishing you a warm and cheerful holiday season. Please enjoy my picks for stoner gifts, and have a very, very high holiday!







stoner gift guide


Glass | bongs, rigs, and pipes for every stoner on your list

Other than actual cannabis, the best possible gift for a stoner is a new piece of glass. Here are selections from my very favorite online headshop


For a Newbies First Bong

A stoner’s first bong should be both affordable and well made. No bells and whistles necessary, just a big base, ice pinch and a dependable brand. This simple 12” beaker-style bong by Diamond Glass is a great place to start to a beautiful relationship.

Diamond Glass 12” Beaker Bong | $75 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off







For the Stoner who’s ready to get Serious about their Glass 

For someone ready for something a bit more visually impactful, a 16” beaker tube by Grav is tall enough to make a statement. A perfect piece for when you’ve accepted that you are a stoner.

Grav beaker tube with geometric ice pinch | $139 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off








For the Discreet Stoner

Practice sneaky deception with this skinny 8” bong that is easy to stash in cupboards, up and away from prying eyes.

Grav straight tube with geometric ice pinch | $99.99 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off








stoner gift guide

 For a Stoner Grandma

One of my personal favorite bongs, the Zhou Dynasty bong by China Glass is petite, elegant, and will hold its own in Grandma’s china cabinet.

The China Glass Zhou Dynasty Bong | $129.99 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off











 For a Stoner Geek

Delight your inner Gandalf with these incredibly long UPC hand pipes! Available in an assortment of fun colors, these are fun to smoke from and definitely get the job done.

UPC Glass Gandalf Pipe 10” or 13” | 29.99 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off








For the Kawaii Stoner

Can you hear my inappropriate girlish squeal? Brighten any stoners day with a panda or kitty donut bowl by Empire Glassworks.

Panda Donut Bowl Slide | $41.99 at
Kitty Donut Bowl Slide | $41.99 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off



For the Metaphysical Stoner

Know a stoner yogi that would benefit from some crystal elevation? This rose quartz pipe is a beautiful gift for the stoner whose still waters run deep.

Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe | $64.99 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off



For the Dab Queen or King

An enail is the perfect investment that will wow even the most experienced dab queen. Break your torch habit with the Kromedome Lantern Enail kit, it will seriously change the way you dab.

Lantern Enail Kit | $159.99 at
Microscope Rig | $149.99 at






stoner gift guide


For the Dabbing Beginner

A small and dependable dab rig by Diamond Glass. Petite and discreet and capable of ripping huge dabs.

Diamond Glass Showerhead Dab Rig | $65 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off










For the Dabbing Minimalist

Sleek and chic, you can never go wrong with a small dab rig from heavyweight glass company Grav.

Grav/SPG Umbrella Perc Dab Rig | $109.99 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off








For the Dabbing Connoisseur 

As refreshing as grandma’s porch lemonade recipe, this jaw dropping piece by Empire Glassworks will bring the stoner on your list to tears.

Empire Glassworks Watermelon Mason Jar Mini Dab Rig | $299.95 at |*Use code DANKMOM for 15% off






For your Dabbing Sweetheart

If you don’t have three hundred bones to drop on your dabbing sweetheart, how about an equally cute cupcake dabber by Empire Glassworks? Pair with a jar of high quality concentrate and you’ve got the perfect gift.

Empire Glassworks Cupcake Dabber | $45 at | *Use code DANKMOM for 15% off




Vaporizers | encourage a healthier lifestyle in the new year

Getting a stoner started on vaporizing is the best gift you can give them! I’ve talked extensively about how vaporizing is cost effective, more powerful (a higher percentage of cannabinoids is consumed when vaping), better when medicating around small children, and most importantly, healthier for you. We should be vaping whenever we can, not only to give our lungs a break but also to maintain a healthy tolerance for both consumption methods. To help you get started on the vaping path, check out my very favorite vaporizers!


The SourceOrb 4, Limited Edition AirVape XS, and the Mighty.



A Stoner’s First Vaporizer

A new find this year! I love my AirVape XS. Affordable and chic, the AirVape XS also produces thick clouds and  heats up in no time. It’s discreet and fits in pockets and clutches with no issues.

AirVape XS  | $179 at | *Use DANKMOM for 15% off


For the Stoner who makes Good Choices

A serious vaporizer for the serious stoner. This is my absolute favorite portable vaporizer. Featuring hybrid convection/conduction heating, this heavy hitter is a gift for the stoner ready to get serious about their health.

Mighty by Storz & Bickle | $350.00 at 


For a limited time enter STONERNOW15 to receive 15% off all Storz & Bickel products at VapeWorld



For the Stay-at-Home Stoner 

The Volcano is my favorite addition to my stoner arsenal this year. This classic desktop vaporizer is the ultimate accessory for the dedicated vaper.

Volcano by Storz & Bickel | $479.99 at

For a limited time enter STONERNOW15 to receive 15% off all Storz & Bickel products at VapeWorld


The Source Orb 4 pictured with a D’ash bowl and the Erbanna vape case (all available in The Stoner Mom Essentials Box)

For Vaping Concentrates

Beloved enough to be included in The Stoner Mom Essentials Box, the Orb 4 by Source is my favorite way to use concentrates on the go. Take this on your next night out.

Source Orb 4 | $99 at









  Home | accessories for a cannabis-friendly home


The modern cannabis-friendly home is not your parents basement. Now that stoners everywhere are publicly breaking the stigma, there has been an influx of new technology and products to cater to our whims. Welcome to the modern cannabis age!


 For Chef Stoner

My favorite infuser on the market! Make your own cannabis infused butter, oils and edibles with the LEVO infuser! We love using ours to make cookies, brownies, and so much more. Available in fun colors, my favorite being this lovely blush, it will fit right in next to the KitchenAid mixer.

LEVO Oil Infuser | $199 at and | *Use code STONERMOM for $10 off





For the Design Nerd Stoner

I’m biased towards everything Goldleaf makes. All of their prints are beautiful, their planners are on-point, and their brand presence is impeccable. Check out their wide array of cannabis prints, including this one that I have hanging behind my desk right now.

Goldleaf print | $25 at






For the Germ + Odor Obsessed 

Personal Fave! The Tempest air cleansing system is my weapon against odors of smoke, vapor and cannabis. I also use them to clean the bedrooms’ air when my kids get sick or are suffering from allergies. The tempest is a first step to better health.

Tempest by AirRestore | $165 at


For the Stoner Cannabis Enthusiast

The Cannaseur is so sophisticated, I feel weird calling it a stoner accessory. A beautifully crafted humidor made with sustainable solid woods, this is the ultimate luxury for the long-suffering stoner dad. Please get him one.

Mahogany Cannaseur One | $319 at





Storage | level up your responsible cannabis game

Remember, any storage gift is doubly appreciated if a small gift of cannabis is tucked inside!


For responsible stoner parents

New Favorite! I’ve completely fallen in love with the SneakGuard and changed my whole setup to incorporate it. A medical safe that is both childproof and vacuum seals. Plus, humidity packs keep your cannabis as fresh as the day you brought it home. You couldn’t dream up a more optimal way to store your weed in a household with children of any age.

Sneak Guard | $69.95 at | *Use code STONERMOM17 at checkout for 1 free humidity pack








For Spoiling your Stoner Man

Got a man who doesn’t care about combo locks and odor blockers? Cronja Culture makes luxury goods for sophisticated stoners ready to flaunt their stash. The travel case kit boasts a suede interior, butter soft pebble grain leather, sleek medicine jar, SLX grinder, foldable leather valet tray and leather pouch. Include some Swishers, rolling papers, and a nugget of top shelf cannabis and you’ve curated his all time favorite gift.

Cronja Travel Case Kit | $200 at








For the Home Grower

CVault offers the world’s smartest curing and storage containers for cannabis. I’ve been using these containers for so long, both in my daily-use stash and in David’s grow room to cure our fresh harvests. With Boveda humidity packs, CVault containers are excellent at both curing home-grown cannabis as well as restoring dry and crumbly weed to a more enjoyable state.

Large Cvault Humidor Storage Container | $29.99 at | *Use code THANKSMOM for free shipping



For the Traveling Stoner

The on-the-go stoner does not have time to worry about crushing their favorite pipe while traveling. Vatra’s extensive bag catalogue has a collection to satisfy any traveling stoner’s demands. A stylish hard exterior keeps items from being crushed, and the interior is divided into specialized compartments. The middle level acts as a barrier with double zip-up closure and the top level offers neoprene pouches and pockets that stretch for custom fit. The bottom level has a removable padded cushion for maximum protection.

6” Vatra Double Decker Case | $29.99 at | *Use code stonermom420






For the On-the-Go Stoner Parent

By the same people behind Vatra bags, Skunk bags are the most smell proof bags I have come across in my time as the Stoner Mom. Skunk bags are made with concentrated activated carbon technology and include additional barriers and weather/smell proof zippers. Combine that with the customizable combination lock, and it’s a safe and discreet sidekick for family adventures.

Grey Sidekick | $45 at |*Use code stonermom420







For BYOB-ing (bring your own bong)

I love this bag! When I opened this duffle in person I hooted and hollered. Finally, a heavily padded bag for bongs, water pipes, whatever. The duffle tube has two layers of padding and separate padded compartments for more than one piece, and the bowls and stems that come with them. Oh, and it LOCKS. If you do any amount of traveling with your glass pieces, this is the bag for you.

16” Gray Duffle Tube | $69 at | *Use code stonermom420






Mom | Gifts for the Modern Stoner Mom


For your Favorite Stoner Mom

Give mom some quality “me time” with a Stoner Mom Essentials box! For the 2017 holiday season, I have partnered with Sensi-Box and curated a stunning collection of essential items for the modern day stoner. Get all your shopping done in one purchase with this show stopping gift!

The Stoner Mom Essentials | $275 at


The Best Cannabis Edibles for Mom

Rapid delivery of effects? 1:1 THC and CBD ratios? Delicious? Gorgeous packaging? 1906 makes edibles that are safe and easy for people brand new to edibles. Start mom off with the best by slipping these in her stocking. Available in four desired effects.

Go Energy Chocolates | find your local dispensary that carries 1906 at



For Stepping Out with Stoner Bae

Erbanna carries several styles of adorable odorless stash bags, but my favorite is definitely the Kimberly. Your Stoner bae will adore stepping out for a night on the town with this bag, whether in the pictured gold metallic or the supple black leather. Features a removable wristlet, credit card holders, odor proof zippers and pocket and sits on cute little feet! Fits a phone and portable vaporizer easily.


Kimberly bag in gold metallic | $59.99 at | use code Secret Stash Santa






For Mom’s First Cannabis Experience

Another new find! ioVia tinctures have become our favorite product for treating my anxiety and David’s sleeplessness. ioVia has a suite of products which give you the exact dose you need with every use. By combining the highest quality ingredients, a scientific development approach, and the pertinent medical technologies, they’ve created THC & CBD solutions that ensure a level of precision unique in the industry.

ioVia | Available only in Colorado, find a dispensary that carries them here

To learn more about iovia’s tinctures go here

To learn more about iovia’s transdermal cream go here




Stockings | big things in small packages

Good things often come in small packages! This year consider filling an entire stocking with practical goodies for your stoner beloved. To really make it pop, include one of the portable vaporizers I listed in the Vaporizer section. Don’t forget things not officially associated with cannabis use. Mints and candies, good smelling candles, fancy measuring spoons, decorative trinket trays and boxes; these are all things that any stoner can make good use of in their stash.


The Ultimate Stoner Stocking

Phoenician Grinder | $69 at

Gold measuring spoons | Cost Plus World Market

Erbanna Maxwell B Living | on sale! at

Raw Cones in various sizes |

Juicy Hemp Wraps and Papers |


{More treasures, not pictured}

Handmade Crystal Roach clips | $13.50 on

Handmade Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe | $53.99 on

Beeline Organic Hempwick |

This Thing Rips Torch |

Higher Standards cleaning products |

Asche X Blunted Objects Joint Clip Bracelet | $36 at

DankGeek online headshop



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