pot strain "snowcap" review by The Stoner Mom

Snowcap is a sativa dominant hybrid, and a favorite pot for tough days in the mom trenches.

With its pungent lemon smell and immediate mind kick, snowcap is a fabulous pot strain for many situations. For parents we are talking a fab energy boost in addition to a euphoric love for your kids. This is the strain for laying with them at bedtime and talking freely, your mind and mouth unlocked. Profound moments with my oldest have come this way.  Not a hallucination, but  a real moment of clarity while listening to her, and the ability to answer her queries in a focused, accepting, and un-rushed manner.

  • Energy: Snowcap gives a great energy push. It fuels a strong need to get things done, in addition to a tunnel vision approach to tasks which is really effective. This is a great pot for cleaning days, deep organization projects, etc. Pair it with home brewed coffee and it’s a much sweeter kick in the brain than Starf*cks, with no line to endure.
  • Mental Awareness: The tunnel vision I develop, which can be concentrated on any particular task or idea, typically lends to extreme care and attention to detail on my part. A pot to smoke when knocking out a house project. Painting a room?  This one.  Hands down.
  • Emotional State: Mood enhancer. You are happy but not ridiculously so. You are content in your life. Snowcap is a pot that can lift me out of a depression long begun. Take it when I start to feel the bleakness set in (it is possible to learn the triggers and signs for depression) and I can bypass a depressive episode altogether. I find myself immersed with my kids, listening to them intently, all while marveling their beauty, intelligence, etc. It really is a great thing for a mom to be given fresh eyes and a renewed heart to soak their children in with. Every mother becomes buried in the milieu of parenting.  Moms who smoke pot have an extra kick to remind them why they are doing it all in the first place. Same goes for a lover by the way. This is a great pot strain to get busy with.
  • Jumpiness/Paranoia: Without question Snowcap is my favorite sativa pot strain for avoiding jumpiness. I find myself noticing the details everywhere and not being freaked by a thing. Huge for an OCD type who gets icked out by like, living.

Snowcap is a personal favorite pot strain for an energy boost and spirit lift without the paranoia or jitters that sometimes come with sativa dominants. Highly recommended.

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