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Nuvata Review and Sesh

Nuvata’s premium vaporizers deliver terpene-rich and naturally flavored cannabis oil formulated for specific mind and body results. With a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio and a discreet silhouette, Nuvata vape pens are fantastic for efficient medicating, anywhere you go. Read on to learn more about this California-based brand, and hit play on the video below to sesh along with me!

Nuvata Premium Vaporizer Pens

Nuvata’s vape pens contain naturally flavored cannabis oil with high amounts of THC and complimenting CBD levels. Each pen has a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio which is meant to help mitigate any paranoia-inducing effects of THC. With added terpenes for six targeted experiences and then a delicious supporting flavor profile, these pens are a major hit with me!

When I buy cartridges I’m often not sure how it’s going to make me feel, I just hope for the best based on my experience with different strains. Nuvata pens make deciding which to use very easy. The dominant terpenes are listed right on the box, so you can pick exactly how you want your pen to help you.

Each pen is good for around 150 draws. I like that they can’t roll off a surface, and their design seems to protect the glass should the pen be dropped. They’re cute too, with bright colors and a nice soft-touch exterior.

Six Mind and Body Experiences

Nuvata’s pens come in six “experiences” so users can use the right pen for the right situation. With a pen for Full Mind, Full Body, and everything in between, Nuvata has a blend for every taste.

My favorite blend so far has been the strawberry flavored “Full Mind” pen. It’s delicious and refreshing, leaving me feeling uplifted and inspired. This pen includes high amounts of the terpene caryophyllene, great for lifting the mood. It also includes a good amount of my favorite terpene limonene, known for it’s creative and energizing effects.





Another favorite is the lime-flavored Body Balance pen. This one is so refreshing and tasty, and I absolutely love how happy and energized it leaves me. Perfect for walks and getting outdoors with.

The terpene caryophyllene sets this blend’s uplifting tone, bolstered by humulene and limonene, which keep you feeling active and creatively stimulated. Linalool and myrcene introduce a relaxed feeling of calm to complete this blend’s balanced feel.

Quality and Testing

Nuvata’s safety standards are posted on their website, and all products are third-party tested and found to meet or exceed California’s rigorous standards for pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. Their products are only available in licensed California dispensaries. 

Unlike refillable vape cartridges, our self-contained vaporizer hardware prevents tampering with our vape oils and ensures the customer is receiving the premium quality, botanical ingredients listed on the packaging without additives or cutting agents including Vitamin E acetate, PG, PEG, PV or MCT oil. Nuvata’s hardware has also passed a materials safety exam, ensuring undesirables will never leach into our oil.

A good vape pen can be a mood saver, and Nuvata’s are excellent. Very highly recommended by this stoner mom. Nuvata pens are available at licensed dispensaries throughout California. Learn more about Nuvata and find a retailer at


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