Libation Corner – 1:36

  • what glass we’re using
  • what strains we’re smoking
  • what dabs we’re dabbing
  • what drinks were drinking
  • What new records we have

Listener Letters – 13:15

Send in your letters to! Share your cannabis story, ask your stoner questions, or request some good old fashioned advice from a mom and dad stoner. We’ll field your questions on cannabis, growing, cbd, relationships, parenting, us, you, whatever. We’ll look up the answers, stoned! Again, that’s!

This is the second part of a question we answered on episode 140.

Hey Kathryn and Blavid (hehe – clearly inviting myself into this inside joke…) I adore you guys and the show! I am a newer fan of MADAS, the AND happy flower company! I am currently smoking on Golden Cherry and your AC Diesel crumble as my hemp/cbd option which I love – thank you guys for the incredible impact you’ve had on not just my stoner life, but my holistic health and well-being 🙂 it means so much to share such a strong passion with others and to know there are others out there like me!

  1. What is your experience with tinctures and do you have an opinion on them for your own personal use? I am a regular user with a moderate-high tolerance and recently made my own, but it seems very weak. Any ideas? I did decarb first! 1/4oz flower to 1/2 cup Everclear. And damn it burns…!

Our experience: iovia, my friend’s tincture. We’ve never made our own. How we would make one if we were going to.

  1. How do you ensure health (lung, heart) when it comes to smoking? You mentioned in a previous episode you aren’t concerned, but I definitely am because smoking is my preferred method – how do you keep your health in check and do you have any tips for those of us who want to be proactive about smoking and health? Or, can you elaborate on why you are at peace with this?

having a moderate routine, a layered routine that does incorporate other methods for example your tinctures. My smoking schedule doesn’t concern me because of my routine/frequency/other methods.

When I used to do traditional dabbing I was getting concerned, and that wasn’t even combustion. Definitely have standards for what would be alarming signs. For me it was lots of coughing every time I did those concentrates. This was back when we would buy dispensary concentrates with a lot of different quality differences and solvents used. There was a time David literally said he didn’t want me dabbing like that anymore. Then I started using an enail, then vaporizer enails where I could dab things lower, started getting better concentrates. now it’s not a problem.

For helping to protect your lungs if you’re a daily smoker, I just recommend embracing other methods for establishing your baseline. For example the tincture, or edibles. Incorporating dry herb vaping if you can. Having safe, high quality cannabis for combustion. I do believe any amount of smoking anything is harmful, I justify it as ancient medicine we’ve been smoking for eons on top of what i said up there.

Stoned Conversations with Blavid and Kathryn – 30:21

    • What our situation looks like.
    • Unexpected Technical Difficulties and expenses
    • David wants to rant about Edukit
    • Asynchronous vs Synchronous
    • “special” schools
      • Dance majors and how they deal with Corona
    • I think it’s cute how the girls have planned lunch zooms once a week with friends
    • Stoner tips for medicating when all these kids are home and zooming!
      • concentrates
      • cbd pens so youre not stoned HEMP
      • Air filters like sploofy and whatnot

What’s going on in Dave’s grow? – 53:30

🎶 🎵

The End of the Show – 58:59

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