In this post, all about launching our newest business, Happy Flower Company, your online source for premium hemp flower. 

Happy Flower Company hemp flower

Premium hemp flower by The Stoner Mom | introducing Happy Flower Company

Well friends, it’s official. After five years of working on the peripheral of the cannabis industry, I have finally launched my own hemp flower e-commerce brand! I revealed my plans for this in my last diary post, but at the time of that writing the website had yet to be built. As of now, Happy Flower Company is live and open for business!

Happy Flower Company is my line of premium consumable hemp flower. Our strains are cultivated for high CBD and low, legal amounts of THC. Hemp is great for everyone; whether you’re in a prohibition state, or are just someone who dislikes how “high” you get with today’s cannabis. I regularly use hemp for anxiety relief, and often choose hemp over cannabis when I need to stay productive.

Hemp naturally contains high amounts of CBD, much more than today’s cannabis strains. Today’s cannabis is bred for high amounts of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for getting you high. As a result of that, most cannabis strains have pretty low amounts of CBD and other valuable cannabinoids. In contrast, consumable hemp flowers are cultivated for high CBD content. In fact, hemp is what pretty much all CBD products are derived from.

Smoking or vaping hemp can give you many of the great effects as cannabis. Effects like pain and anxiety relief, euphoria, and relaxation. It smells and tastes very similar to cannabis, and looks almost identical to the casual observer.


Why Hemp?

I discovered the value in smoking hemp by way of my husband David. David is one of those people that has really strong reactions with high THC cannabis. He’s struggled for a long time to find the right strains for him, and when he does it’s always a high-CBD strain, like Cannatonic Sour Tsunami or Charlotte’s Web. A lot of THC exacerbates his anxiety and can make him feel paranoid and miserable. Once he tried hemp flower he knew it was the perfect fit. He began growing it himself and learning all about the industry of hemp flower.

As smokable hemp flower grew more prevalent and popular online, I began reviewing hemp strains and providers on my blog. That obviously involves using the product, and through that process I really fell in love. Hemp is a wonderful addition to a cannabis-friendly lifestyle. It’s therapeutic and relaxing but lacks a heavy high or brain fog. This makes it a great tool for responsible medicating, with a number of benefits for everyone. 

Relief without the High

The regular medical cannabis user has always had to deal with the issue of balancing the need for cannabis’s relief with how being high impacts daily life. With hemp this becomes a non-issue. You benefit from whole plant healing and the entourage effect, but you consume low levels of THC so you don’t get high. This means you can medicate and stay aware and productive. It’s a similar, and yet very different experience from consuming cannabis. 

A part of responsible cannabis use is having self-awareness on how cannabis impacts all aspects of your life. I have always used cannabis as a jump-off point for creative work like writing, but there’s a fine line between enough cannabis to inspire me, and too much. Too much cannabis can make me easily distracted and less responsible with my time. These are real drawbacks for using cannabis, and finding the right balance can be a challenge.  

Hemp flower is sort of jokingly referred to as “diet weed” and I personally love that phrase. Cannabis is great for so many medicinal reasons, and to have a form of it with the THC dialed down but not completely removed is a huge advantage for the consumer. 

A Safe and Legal Option

Legal hemp flower is a godsend for those living in prohibition states or those with employment restrictions where they cannot comfortably use cannabis. Safe access is a concern in prohibition states, and for many responsible adults purchasing an illegal substance is simply not an option. Now, because of the federal legalization of hemp flower, these people have options. They can safely and legally roll a hemp joint, light a pre roll, or load a bong. They can benefit from hemp flower without compromising their jobs or freedom. 

Conserve your Stash

No matter where you get cannabis, it’s expensive. Occasionally substituting hemp flower for cannabis is a handy tip for stretching out your supply. I’ve developed a pleasant routine of hemp flower as my morning wake and bake, and cannabis in the afternoons and evenings. This allows me to have a productive morning without getting stoned first thing, and it helps to conserve my supply. Many people like to smoke or vape a 50/50 split of cannabis and hemp, another way to stretch your supply and enhance a smoke session.

Maintain your Tolerance

Using hemp flower in place of cannabis is also good for maintaining a healthy tolerance. You don’t call yourself the stoner mom without developing a pretty high tolerance to cannabis, but using CBD and hemp flower has gone a long way to bringing it back to reasonable levels. With hemp and CBD meeting my medicinal needs, using cannabis has gone back to being the exhilarating, recreational experience that I fell in love with years ago.

Happy Flower Company

With the passing of the updated Farm Bill in 2018, David really began expressing his interest in starting a hemp business. Over the past seven months he’s been scouting out hemp sources and setting things up behind the scenes. We’ve partnered with an excellent source in Colorado Springs who has a proven record of providing high quality, Colorado-grown hemp.

All of our hemp is greenhouse grown following strict organic practices. Our hemp contains absolutely no pesticides, has rich terpene profiles, and is cultivated for high CBD content. We provide lab results from each batch so you know exactly what’s in your flower, and with under 0.3% Delta-9-THC, our hemp is federally legal to ship to all fifty states.


Hemp for Happy People

We opened our online doors last Friday, with an offering of five strains, hemp flights, pre rolls, and even shake. We’ve had quite a few sales already and are having so much fun racing to process orders and tracking shipments as they make their way home. Operating an e-commerce site is a new experience for all of us and we’re learning every day. I am sure there will be learning pains and hiccups along the way, but I plan to make Happy Flower Company the same sort of curated experience as The Stoner Mom website. I take my reputation in this industry very seriously, always striving to set the best example that I can, and Happy Flower Company will be no different.

We believe that safe access to hemp and cannabis is a human right. As I’ve said many time on this blog, the cannabis plant in its many forms has truthfully changed my life. Being able to provide that same sort of healing through quality hemp flower is a dream realized. Check out what we’ve built at You can also follow us on Instagram @happyflowerhemp.

Friends, it feels so good to finally be sharing all of this with you. Thank you so much for reading! I’m wishing you all the best of luck on your cannabis (and hemp) journey!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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