Cannatonic Sour Tsunami | STRAIN REVIEW

Sour Tsunami x Cannatonic

A cross of two very high CBD strains results in the magic that is Cannatonic Sour Tsunami. Its low amount of THC (<10%) makes this a perfect strain for those inclined to paranoia or those looking to avoid the psychoactive effects of cannabis. High CBD amounts (around 11%) makes this a powerful and therapeutic strain.


Judged by looks, Cannatonic Sour Diesel is an unassuming strain. Pretty and bright green, loose nuggets with almost no crystal dusting. An aroma and flavor that is mostly earthy, musky, and piney.

Strains that are high in CBD don’t have a lot of trichomes on them. Don’t take this as an indication of potency! Trichomes are those lovely crystals that cover some weed, but they are pure THC. We aren’t looking for trichomes when we want a high CBD strain. Remember, the more crystally trichomes, the more high you get.

The High

All the reasons I don’t like Cannatonic Sour Tsunami are the reasons David loves it. Which makes sense with how opposite we are as cannabis users.

I use marijuana to treat chronic depression for which THC helps tremendously. Cannatonic Sour Tsunami effects my body way more than I need. This is definitely a therapeutic strain and something I would use when I’m having a headache or neck pain. Unfortunately, I get a weird mental fogginess with Cannatonic Sour Tsunami that makes staying on task difficult. It also makes me feel very tired and uninspired which is a major trigger for my depressive disorder. Because of that, I use this strain in the evening in bed and avoid using it during the day.

On the other side of the spectrum, David loves this strain because it makes his body feel great without messing with his mind at all. He uses marijuana for all of his physical ailments, and the whole, “psychoactive” part can often be too much for him. Cannatonic Sour Tsunami gives him all the physical healing he needs without paranoia or overthinking.


As a strain bred specifically for high CBD, Cannatonic Sour Tsunami is powerful medicine for medical marijuana patients. It treats pain extremely well, annihilating headaches, chronic pain, and inflammation. CBD is also used for treating seizure and spasm disorders.



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