The Membership

Community, Discretion, and Content that meets a Higher Standard

Adults who use cannabis can have a hard time “coming out” to one another about their cannabis secret. Even where it’s legal, there can be such a negative stigma associated with marijuana that responsible adults cannot in good conscience “out” themselves, knowing their careers, reputation, or even family may be put at risk. This is a isolating situation to find oneself, especially for the thousands of adults who use cannabis as life-saving medicine.

We created our membership to be an inclusive and safe space for the grownups out there that are responsibly using some form of cannabis for a myriad of responsible reasons. We aren’t freaks, or addicts, or “potheads”. We’re adults with jobs, and children, and bills. We use cannabis for pain, depression, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, kicking opiates, and so, so much more. We use cannabis in a variety of forms and ways, from the purest flower to the most concentrated tincture. So no, we aren’t potheads. We’re walking examples of how cannabis can greatly impact a life, in a deeply positive way.

I have created content for like-minded individuals since 2014, in the forms of writing, video, podcasts, and photography. Our membership is where I post my most personal content, in an environment that is safe for you to enjoy online. Our community of members is discrete and respectful, and runs the gamut from highly engaged to the happy lurker.

Join House VanEaton, a community just for you!

Our Members Join Because:

They love The Stoner Mom’s personal content

They feel isolated as a cannabis-using parent

Broadcasting their cannabis love on social media is not an option

Their current friends have parenting styles different from their own

They are literally the only cannabis user they know over age 25

They need a friend to smoke weed with!

House VanEaton is an annual membership for responsible adults with a common interest, cannabis.

Join House VanEaton and never again wonder if you’re the only responsible adult in the world that uses the Devil’s Lettuce. You’ll get:

  • Access to my personal vlogs – because grownups shouldn’t put everything on YouTube.
  • The PreRoll Showour members-only podcast! Before David and I record each week of our public podcast, Mom & Dad are Stoned, we record a pre show where we medicate and talk about all aspects of our life. It’s funny and personal and is a deeper look at what goes behind running a business as unique as ours. It’s also far more intimate, as we use this platform to talk directly to our members.
  • Weekly sesh videos You know what these are! Because everyone needs a smoke buddy!
  • Live, members-only sessions with me. Sesh in real-time, ask questions, interact, or just blaze along!
  • Access to the House VanEaton community our private community where it’s safe to be who you are. Brag about your kids, your job, and your killer cannabis grow. This ain’t Facebook baby.
  • Exclusive discount codes on popular products – we work with the best companies in the industry to offer our members exclusive discounts.

 Join House VanEaton

A House VanEaton membership lasts for one year from the day you sign up. You can renew or cancel your membership at any time. There is a $30.00 annual fee for a year of members content.

To purchase a House VanEaton membership, click here and sign up!