Q: I just recently started smoking when I was about 5 months postpartum for anxiety and depression. My daughter is now 10 months old. My husband and I both smoke. I really don’t like smoking with her in the house but I know nothing about vaporizing. Could you do like a vaporizing for dummies podcast LOL? Also, I cannot smoke outside because I live in the city in an illegal state. Thanks so much!



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  1. I love listening to your podcasts!! But do you know why for the past few days it has been unavailable to listen to them through the “podcast” app? And I currently can’t listen to this one on your page. 😩

    • Nvm! It’s able to play on here now, but it still will not play on the “podcast app” it says that your podcats are unavailable, I tried deleting and reinstalling the app hut it didn’t work.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Cindy and thank you for the comments. Apple recently changed their standards for formatting which means blavud has gone back and reformatted all the older episodes.

      Arenyiu still getting the message through your app? Is it the native podcast app? Try updating it if there is an update. Let us know if it still doesn’t work. We testing on iPhones this morning and it worked for us.