Q: Because a bong isn’t a great option for me I think a vape that works with ground herb is the best route. I have a basic vape pen for oil already. I’ve read your reviews on the Pax, DaVinci and G Pen. I’ve read a lot elsewhere about the Pax 2 also. For a newbie what would be your recommendation? I don’t mind making an investment for something I’ll keep and use for a long time. I also don’t need something with sesh type qualities because I only smoke alone (boy that sounds sad…). But I’d really like to find a solution to stop taking narcotics every day.

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  1. Great listen! Out of interest, I have a very cheap vape pen, it was only $40 or so but works absolutely fine and does the job. I’ve always looked at the really expensive ones and thought, what exactly is so much better with the expensive ones than my cheap one? So my question is, is it worth spending over triple the money on an expensive one and why? Thanks!