How Cannabis Enhances my Sex Life
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Let’s go on a date

My idea of the perfect night. We stay in, the house is child free, he drinks too much, I get very high, and then, sex. Crazy-Amazing sex. One of the greatest joys in life is getting stoned and getting busy. If this is something you have yet to experience, I urge you to hop on board (no pun intended). To have Crazy-Amazing sex and then eat amazing food is basically the best night ever.

When the marriage bed leaves something to be desired, I may suggest cannabis, sex, and food. In that order. Cannabis can get the juices flowing, the heart racing, the body melting. And then when you’re finished and satisfied, it makes all food taste whole-new-level delicious.

Cannabis absolutely can act as an aphrodisiac, it certainly does for me! Here are some ways a pre-sex toke makes my marital relations awesome. PS I’ll probably delete this in a couple of years to avoid totally embarrassing my kids. 


1: The Repartee

Ah, one of my favorite things about cannabis- the conversations you have! I am painfully shy by nature, bordering mute. Enter cannabis, and I become a normal person, free from anxiety. I don’t know why, but when I’m a  high on THC I also become a major flirt, with loaded euphemisms and innuendo. I’m clever and able to make out-of-the-box connections while high. I become super hilarious, free-spirited, relaxed. This makes date night with the husband so fun! I absolutely love getting stoned before the valet takes your car, having dinner at a swank place, and trading hot conversation over drinks. Sexual tension with your husband in public? Yes please. I still remember the night I found myself saying “did we just have sex in our brains?” and he cracked up and was like yes! All this over steaks, we couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Then there is the still-stoned post-fuck giggles that bring out the real husband and wife closeness. This typically evolves into talking about the kids. As things go. sigh.


2: Hello Inner Porn Star!

I’m self-conscious. I don’t like too much light on. I over think everything and worry constantly about whatever I possibly can. These habits of mine are not very sexy. But, if I get high before sex these worries disappear. I become completely comfortable in my skin. And when a woman is comfortable, she becomes confident.

And sex with a confident woman is a whole different thing.

Learning to turn off that never-ending internal monologue focuses your attention to what is at hand; receiving and giving pleasure. This one effect of cannabis alone has been a game changer for me. I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have those worries turned off. What mom doesn’t have some sort of weird, inconsequential hang up about her body? We’ve given birth! I tell you, getting over those hangups about your body is a key to hot sex, and cannabis just might be the thing to get you over them.

Cannabis also can lower my inhibitions, bringing out the ideas that I just can’t say out loud. It helps me take charge when desired, but mostly lulls me into delicious submission.

When it comes to receiving, sex and cannabis puts me on a completely different playing field, and if you are anything like my husband, that’s the goal. You know, She Comes First and all that. So that being said, cannabis makes me so much more open to receiving pleasure, it’s crazy. Relaxing the woman’s brain is the key to her pleasure, and man does cannabis get that job done well.


3: Senses out the Yin-Yang

Note: Cannabis and sex with my husband were introduced at the same time, so it’s a wee bit difficult to discern which is responsible for most of my pleasure. Like, maybe it’s not the weed that makes me comfortable and stop worrying, maybe it’s just being with David that makes me stop worrying. I dunno. I’m stoned. It’s probably both. 

Next we have how cannabis makes me feel physically. Body heavy cannabis (like lavender!)  hits me right… ahem, where it matters. There is pulsing. And squirming. And maybe a little writhing. Every touch amplified, as if my skin was replaced with something far superior. My senses become so enhanced when I’m stoned, specifically my sense of touch. I feel aware of so much more.

I notice him in ways that I do not when sober. Sometimes I am moved near tears, the connection between us is so great. I mean, I know that’s cheesy and gross, but it’s true.


Other Thoughts

It’s not about getting stoned so you can have sex.
Some people may use it for that but I do not. It’s to enhance sex; sex that is consensual and anticipated. Sex that already pleases me, high or not. As with anything, you don’t want to need cannabis to have sex.

Also, take care not to get too stoned pre-sex. I am guilty of this all the time, because by the end of the day I’m in a hurry and just want to be high. But if I get too stoned and I’m already in my dark room in bed my eyes basically have no choice but to close and from there its a slippery slope to sleep. Get just the right amount of high to where you really want to get the hanky-panky started.

Edibles and Sex is mind-blowing. Like, holy-cow-my-body-has-never-done-that-before wonderful.


Go Forth and Multiply

Obviously, how cannabis affects someone is totally dependent on the person. For me, cannabis in bed is a must. I love it. I love it soooo much. If cannabis and sex is new to you, give it a try! Do it with someone you trust absolutely, and get ready to have some knock down drag out banging. In a good way. 😉


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