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Coffee Talk 36 | A Very Stoney Dab Sesh

It’s the final Coffee Talk of 2020, and I’m sending off the year with a very… potent wake and bake session. Join me as I break in a brand new dab rig and mix up a special hemp/cannabis blend that had me feeling ready for the holidays. In this video I told update you on the ongoing saga of Porch Cat, our holiday methods, consumption goals in the new year, and how my online friends helped keep me sane this year. Need a smoke buddy? Go grab your bong, and let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes | stoner gear mentioned in this video

Lookah UFO Rig from Get Your Wax On

Obsessed with this little piece! Delicate and otherworldly, I have a ton of fun dabbing with the Lookah UFO dab rig from Get Your Wax On. This 3-legged rig is reminiscent of a spacecraft and features a fixed percolator stem and an upper dome that fills with smoke or vapor for an impressive show.

Get Your Wax On is one of my favorite Denver vape and smoke shops. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous new bong or a full vaporizer set-up, Get Your Wax On has you covered. Though locals can just pop in, anyone can use to access their large product catalog. Big thanks to Get Your Wax On for sending me this piece to try out, and for sponsoring today’s Coffee Talk episode!

Five Piece Grinder from Astra Chamber

Another thank you goes out to this episode’s second sponsor at Astra Chamber. These five-piece grinders are durable and convenient, featuring a perfect grind, easy grip, and a built-in storage area for your bud. With a lifetime warranty and constructed from heavy-duty aluminum material, these grinders are built to last a lifetime.

Our patent-pending design features an array of hole sizes to provide the perfect range of shred consistency. Our ultra-sharp teeth and easy-grip grinder will make shredding cannabis a true ease. –

The Astra Grinder stands 4.20 (!) inches tall. It features a separate kief catcher in addition to the built in storage area and also comes with a scraper tool and extra rubber rings for a perfect seal between chambers.Ā  The Astra Chamber easily grinds my stickiest cannabis and hemp to the perfect consistency for use in a bong, bubbler, vaporizer, or joint. Pick one up at while supplies last! And again, thanks to Astra Chamber for supporting The Stoner Mom and sponsoring today’s episode.

I’m sending all my readers and viewers my warmest wishes for this holiday season and the rest of the year! I have had so much fun creating content for you and sharing my cannabis story with you each month in the form of these video sessions and podcasts. I am so inspired and ready for a new year at this blog, and have lots of ideas to share as the march to legalization continues! Until our next sesh together, please remember to stay safe and responsible out there, always be kind, and smoke weed ‘erry day!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. I’m glad you’ll be sticking around as TSM for 2021! It’s really nice hearing from a responsible, relatable adult woman who enjoys cannabis! Makes me feel less alone/weird. (Awesome sweater btw!)

  2. Loved this video! Beautiful glass, love those grinders, omg your weed n cbd blend is amazing! I want that Christmas sweater too! You did say anal quite a bit…lol I love your vibe. Happy HolidazešŸ˜

  3. I’m so excited that you’re keeping the longer sessions but also incorporating productive sessions! And that you’ll be embracing Happy Flower Company on The Stoner Mom. More TSM content? Yes, girl, please.

  4. That was a great session as always! I hope to get up nerve to join you guys on Instagram soon! Merry Christmas!

  5. Janelle Bearden

    This session was so fun! Love your stoney holiday sweater, your stoner set up and your new filming set up! Well done!!! Your new ufo dab rig is so cute and those aluminum grinders look so high quality! Happy Holidaze Kathryn! <3