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Coffee Talk 41 | Morning Hemp Sesh with Botany Farms

Well hello stoners, and happy Monday! This is Coffee Talk, my wake and bake series where I get my mind ready for the day with coffee and cannabis. Today I am taking advantage of being snowed in with an uplifting morning hemp sesh courtesy of Botany Farms. And to spice things up, I break out my beloved Volcano desktop vaporizer to truly enjoy all the terpenes in my hemp flower.

Come join me for a relaxed morning sesh where I talk about hemp flower, dry herb vaping, our big snowstorm, and updates on how the family and I are doing. Go grab your bongs, joints, and vapes, and let’s sesh!

Coffee Talk Notes

Botany Farms

In today’s video I get my daily dose of cannabinoids from Botany Farms, an online source for top-quality CBD and CBG flower. Botany Farms sources their hemp from independent micro-farms, so their strain selection changes with each crop and customer demand. All of their flower is small-batch and trimmed by hand, and they also carry CBD  vape cartridges, and pre-rolls made with no shake and no trim.

Consuming hemp flower via smoking or vaping provides the many benefits of the cannabis plant without high levels of THC. This means you’ll feel uplifted and relaxed, but not high. All products from Botany Farms are certified organic and contain less than .3% THC. And of course, hemp and hemp-derived products are federally legal in the USA.

In today’s sesh I enjoy vaping Bubba Kush hemp flower with my volcano desktop vaporizer. It smells so good and vaping this strain really allows all of its many terpenes to come out. With notes of coffee, chocolate, and earth, Bubba Kush from Botany Farms contains 15% CBD and is fantastic for relaxation.

I also enjoy a Super Sour Space Candy preroll from Botany Farms. This hybrid hemp strain is invigorating and contains 16.4% of CBD and 22.2% in total cannabinoids. With hints of lemon and diesel, this is one of my favorite hemp strains for a quick pick-me-up and mood lift without a distractable high. Botany Farms pre-rolls are a great value and are made with no trim or shake, and certified organic flower.

Sourcing from select organic micro-farms, Botany Farms has a large range of CBD and CBG-rich strains that are sure to impress any hemp lover. With beautiful packaging, a thoughtful product line, and third-party lab results easily accessible on the website, Botany Farms has a lot to offer anyone ready to enjoy cannabinoid-rich, legal hemp flower. Huge thanks to them for supporting The Stoner Mom show! Please check out their entire product line over at


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