Coffee Talk 45 | Happy Birthday Happy Flower Company!

Hello friends! First, I’m sorry I missed my usual Monday morning upload for this Coffee Talk. I came down with a cold last week, the first I’ve had well over a year, and wow did it take me out! Thankfully I’m now feeling 100% better, and I even got to experience taking one of those at-home COVID tests to rule that out (negative- whew!). But, as always when we get sick, I’m now finding myself playing catch-up both here and at home, so please forgive my late posting of this video.

Today’s episode of Coffee Talk was filmed before I got sick, and it’s all about my hemp company Happy Flower Company. June marks our second year of business, and in this wake and bake session, I reminisce about the beginning and plan for the future. I also enjoy our most potent hemp strain, as well as some CBD dabs, and even a little home-grown cannabis mixed in. It’s a potent, hempy smoke session, and I’d be delighted if you’d join me for it!

Coffee Talk Notes

Shop Happy Flower in June for Birthday Discounts!

Happy Flower Company is celebrating two years of business with 20% off with the code HAPPYJUNE!

Cherry Tart CBD Hemp Strain

Ah, this hemp strain is the bomb! I think it’s obvious in this video how much I enjoy Cherry Tart from my very own Happy Flower Company. With 18.97% CBD and a whole lot of THCA, this is a highly recommended hemp strain. Cherry Tart makes me feel cheerful and talkative, with an onset of energy that is easy to focus on specific tasks.

CBD Concentrates

Also recommended are our excellent CBD concentrates. In this video, I’m enjoying some of our CBD crumble, OG Blue. OG Blue is a hybrid strain that crosses OG Kush and Blue Crush. This is an uplifting concentrate packed with Limonene and Pinene.  If you’ve never tried dabbing or vaporizing CBD concentrates, I highly recommend it!

Don’t Forget to Check out our Accessories!

We’ve stocked the Happy Flower shop with items meant to enhance your experience with our hemp. Check out our customized Happy Flower X Stashlogix case which offers secure, odor-proof storage. The popular Silverton bag is perfect for protecting your stash and keeping it organized, all while discreetly stored. Featuring a built-in combination lock, adjustable dividers, tool pocket and tool, and smell-proof construction.

We also carry the Sploofy Pro air filter for less smokey sessions. Exhale your toke into the Sploofy and you’ll significantly reduce the amount of odor and smoke released into your space. I keep mine upstairs for those emergency sneaky sessions and believe me, I use it daily! I have long described the Sploofy as an essential tool for the modern-day stoner, and I am delighted to offer them now at Happy Flower Company!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. Wow, now all I can think about is that Cherry Tart! I love a tasty CBD dab! The effects are almost instant and even better if it has a great flavor profile!

  2. Off to buy some Cherry Tart from HFC! Forever grateful to you for introducing me to hemp and for providing a great quality, legal, product. Great video. XO from TX

    • Side note – I’d love some classy, feminine styled accessories (glass, cases, hats, shirts etc…) in pink or other colors. I love your asthetic. I’m a colorful eclectic gal but don’t want all of my gear colored in tie dye on the flipside grey and tan is so boring to me. I know you could create a gorgeous Stoner Mom inspired line of Happy Flower Company accessories. I look forward to seeing the additional products you add to the Happy Flower Company Store.

  3. Illegalstonermom

    This was a great sesh. It’s fun to see you literally gush about your business. Delightful!💚💞

  4. Thanks for another great sesh! All of your Happy Flower products are beautiful.Enjoy your summer with the family.

  5. I LOVE that bong! Got one for myself, and you are right- best hitter, perfect size, my favorite bong now 🥳
    LOVE your concentrates. Absolute perfect thing when anxiety is over the top- calms me down and allows me to be productive.
    Keep doing what you’re doing!