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I Tried Sex Chocolate, and I liked it | High Love Review

Oh, friends, I’m blushing just a little over here. It’s time for another edible review, and this one has a whole lot going on that’s going to make it pretty interesting to some of you. Today I’m talking about High Love sex chocolate by 1906, the edibles I use to relax my inhibitions before some happy, healthy, and consensual adult time.

1906’s holistic approach to plants and chocolate make their entire line effective at providing a variety of experiences, from deep relaxation to productive energy. Today we’re talking about getting the blood pumping, the juices flowing, and whatever other uncomfortable euphemisms I can come up with. We’re talking about sex chocolate! Let’s begin!


1906 | New Highs | Premium Edibles for Informed Adults

1906’s mission is to create a new category of premium edibles, marrying the benefits of cacao, cannabis, and ethnobotanical ingredients, designed to appeal to responsible, informed, health conscious adults. Products that deliver absolutely safe, consistent and predictable experiences, helping you reconnect with your senses and addressing five different experiences with five truly exceptional tastes.


1906 makes luxury infused chocolates that taste great, have low and predictable doses, and are purposely made with different desired effects in mind. After this review, check out my earlier reviews of Go, Pause, and Midnight, chocolates for energy, relaxation, and sleep.

Go – for energy
Pause – for relaxation
Midnight – for sleep
High Love – for sex

Switching up the Bedroom Routine

Look, we all want a healthy sex life, but sometimes the realities of adulthood can dull the sexiness we’re trying to achieve at the end of a long day. Lot’s of things can hinder our sexual performance, be they mental issues, physical limitations, or just the stress and fatigue that naturally rears its head in an otherwise happy relationship.

As responsible adults we make choices to enhance our sexual experiences. We drink alcohol to relax inhibitions, we smoke cannabis to enhance our senses, we give gifts and say kind things to set the stage for pleasure. Humans have a long history of relying on outside substances to enhance our libido and to promote sexual health. If there is a plant, animal, or mineral that can help us get horny, trust me, the humans have figured it out.

High Love is just another substance on that same level, something to help relax our neurotic minds, rid ourselves of insecurities, and make our special parts just a little more sensitive to touch. I consider these chocolates a luxury in my relationship, something I can use to help send out an ordinary day with an extraordinary bang. These aren’t a substitute for someone you love, or for the therapy that can really prepare you to enjoy sex, but they can definitely enhance a normal sexual encounter and make it just that much more stimulating.

Effects of High Love

My biggest sexual insecurity is my brain, and I don’t think I’m alone in this. Nothing can make me feel less sexy like unwanted negative thoughts, and for whatever reason those thoughts love to come out when it’s time for me to get naked. The average modern woman is still learning to accept how she actually looks verses what porn stars, celebrities and Instagram models portray, and I’m no different. That’s why I love using cannabis in my bedroom routine. For me to be fully confident and ready to perform, I need to feel relaxed and happy with who I am. I need to feel unashamed when it comes to the things I want to experience and try. Cannabis helps ease those unfounded fears, allowing me to fully bask in all of the things I want to do, no matter what society has told me about those desires of mine.

I like to give High Love the full 20 minutes to set in. After those initial 20 minutes I begin to feel High Love in my mind first, relaxing my anxious thoughts and giving me a sense of calm that is greatly appreciated when I’m overthinking sexy times. A mild sense of euphoria takes over and fills with me with newfound interest in my partner and our activities together.

Around the same time that I feel my mind relaxing, I begin to feel the aphrodisiacal effects of High Love. A very slight tingling sensation covers my skin, my limbs begin to feel pleasantly heavy, and my sense of touch becomes very sensitive and enhanced. There is heat, increased blood flow, and all those sensations one might lump into feelings of sexual arousal.

I find it much easier to “lose myself” in the moment when I pair sex with High Love. Gone are distractions (are the pets okay? Did you lock the door? Do I look okay?), and instead I feel completely in the moment with my husband. It’s incredibly romantic and sexy, and overall has been a very welcome addition to our sex life together.

High Love is great for everything romantic, not just sex. I love feeling High Love kick in as I’m making my husband laugh, relaxing with him at the end of the day, cooking dinner with him, even when I’m running errands with him. It just makes normal stuff more fun, sexy, and flirtatious. High Love can play a roll both during non-sexual foreplay, the actual foreplay, and the main event.  And there’s no crash at the end of it. If you pass out after enthusiastic adult times, it’s probably not the chocolate.

Aphrodisiac Chocolate or Sex Chocolate Beans

High Love comes in two different forms (just like the Go chocolates). Standard chocolates come in 3, 6 or 12 packs, and are beautifully presented in a child-resistant box with dosage and ingredients clearly marked. The bright red box is beautiful for gift giving, and the chocolates themselves are quite impressive with their modern, irregular shape.

In addition to the standard chocolates, High Love comes in the form of chocolate beans, perfect bite-sized portions with an added crunch of a coffee bean in the center. I’ve had the same results with both forms of High Love, though the beans are more bitter with the coffee bean center, so I usually brush my teeth after eating one and before hopping into bed.

Recreational and Medical Doses

High Love sold for recreation contains 5 mg of both THC and CBD per chocolate or chocolate bean. I recently came across the medical grade High Love beans, and dare I say, these work a lot better for me. At 20 mg THC : CBD a piece, these are guaranteed to effect the stoner mom with the highest tolerance (ie, me).


Ingredients that Excite

Get lustful like never before with our sensual blend of damiana, catuaba, muira puama, ashwagandha, vanilla and other natural botanicals.


1906 does not rely on mere cannabis to get the job done, this is just one thing that sets them apart from other brands. All of their products contain a variety of plant medicine with roots in many forms of ancient tradition. You’ll benefit from many types of plant medicine when indulging in 1906 chocolate. In High Love:

Damiana – Damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, and is now scientifically recognized as a known aphrodisiac. It reduces vaginal dryness, intensifies female orgasm, and it’s thought to increase sexual arousal and stamina in both men and women.

Catuaba – While it is used today for nervous system disorders, generations of Indigenous Brazilians have revered catuaba bark as a cure for impotence and male libido.

Muira Puama – Also known as “potency wood” (hey now), one study conducted in men using 1000-1500mg of a 4:1 extract of Muira Puama noted that 51% of respondents reported an improvement in erectile function after 2 weeks. Muira Puama is useful in supporting healthy erectile response and restoring libido.

Ashwagandha – The Kama Sutra mentions ashwagandha as a potent sexual stimulant and the tradition continues today in natural Ayurvedic herbal aphrodisiac products.

Theobromine – The secret behind chocolate as an aphrodisiac.

Single Strain Cannabis Sativa – Blue Dream. 1906 uses only the highest quality, pesticide-free, single-strains in each product. Additionally, every 1906 experience is a 1:1 combination of THC for the mind and CBD for the body. This equal blend of cannabinoids makes each chocolate a reliable source of treatment. High Love is made with Blue Dream, one of the most popular cannabis strains in the US, known for it’s euphoric high. 


Always keep in mind that any edible or strain review is only one person’s experience. As I like to say, we are as varied and complex as the flower we smoke, and results vary between users. I have a really fantastic time when I use High Love chocolates in my bedroom, and I think you might too! To learn more and see where you can find some yourself, check out the 1906 website.


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. Halfbakedgirl87

    I live in Indiana where marijuana is not legal i very interested in this would they ship to me or only the legal states

  2. Illegal stoner mom

    These are the only manufactured edibles I’m even remotely interested in. Of all the varieties, but especially this formulation. I’m in reverse puberty and it couldn’t hurt and may even balance some of that shit.