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Midnight Sleep Chocolates | Put an End to Sleepless Nights

Hi friends! It’s time for another edible review! Today I am sharing my current tool against restless nights, Midnight sleep chocolate by 1906. 1906 makes medicated chocolates that taste great, have low and predictable doses, are gorgeous, and have formulas providing different effects. Previously I have shared my love for their Go energy chocolates (check out that review here) but the chocolate I am sharing today has a completely different effect. Let’s get started!


A mild, excellent-tasting dark milk chocolate gem containing Corydalis and other plants that will help you turn off a long day and the stress with it. 



Midnight chocolates have nary a hint of the cannabis inside, a huge perk for those sensitive to the distinct flavor of traditional cannabis edibles. These are delicious! Midnight is made with dark milk chocolate, sweet and decadent with no bite or bitterness. They have a smooth and creamy texture throughout and are very easy to get down.

Quick Effects

1906 uses a proprietary lipid micro-encapsulation process that allows you to start feeling the effects of the chocolate right away. I find the Midnight chocolates kicking in for me almost immediately. A mere 10-15 minutes after eating one I find my limbs and eyelids growing heavy.

Because these work so effectively I have to be aware of the timing when I eat these. I only eat one at a time and always after I have completed my night time routine.

With active plant ingredients that are known natural sedatives, you’ll never need to nurse a bong in in bed to fall asleep ever again.

Not Just Cannabis

1906 combines the medicinal effects of multiple plants, not just cannabis. The combination of single-strain cannabis and other plants medicines work to deliver safe, consistent and predictable experiences.

Midnight chocolates contain Corydalis, a fascinating plant with a long history in both western and traditional Chinese medicine. Corydalis is highly effective at treating pain and inflammation, as well as being a very mild sedative, making it the perfect companion to single-strain indica. Ease discomfort and drift off to sleep with one easy chocolate treat, no pharmaceuticals required.

1:1 Ratio

1906 uses only the highest quality, pesticide-free, single-strains in each product. Additionally, every 1906 experience is a 1:1 combination of THC for the mind and CBD for the body. This perfect blend of our favorite cannabinoids makes each chocolate a reliable source of medication and mental balance.

I don’t know any adult who hasn’t struggled with getting proper sleep. Midnight chocolates by 1906 help to ease the struggle, without the side effects that sleep medication is known for. I wake up rejuvenated and restored, with no lethargy or grogginess.

Each Midnight chocolate has 5 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC. These low doses are just enough to feel the healing properties of cannabis without the stoned feeling.

Always keep in mind that any edible or strain review is only one person’s experience. As I like to say, we are as varied and complex as the flower we smoke, and results vary between users. I have had a lot of success getting restful and restorative sleep with Midnight chocolates, and I think you might too. To learn more and see where you can pick up some 1906 chocolate, check out the 1906 website.


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