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Edibles for the New Age of Cannabis

Over my years as a stoner I have subconsciously found myself avoiding edibles. My list of complaints is long; they take too long, too unpredictable, difficult to reliably dose, taste nasty. In the past my idea of a great edible has been one that I don’t have to gag down. I recently reread my only edibles review on my entire website, and it cracked me up how negative I sounded while ultimately recommending a product. I guess I can say that I’ve been somewhat traumatized by yucky experiences.

But getting out of my house occasionally has opened my eyes to how much the edibles landscape has changed in the past years, and I recently scored some really fabulous medicated chocolates at Ajoya during my last dispensary run. In this post I’ll be sharing exactly what I love about these energizing chocolates by 1906.



1906 | New Highs

1906’s mission is to create a new category of premium edibles, marrying the benefits of cacao, cannabis, and ethnobotanical ingredients, designed to appeal to responsible, informed, health conscious adults. Products that deliver absolutely safe, consistent and predictable experiences, helping you reconnect with your senses and addressing five different experiences with five truly exceptional tastes.

1906 makes artisan-style medicated chocolates that taste great, have low and predictable doses, and are purposely made with different desired effects in mind. Right now they offer four types of product experiences but a fifth is to be announced:

Go – for energy
Pause – for relaxation
Midnight – for sleep
High Love – for sex

Today I’m talking in depth about Go, but I’ll be doing reviews for their other products in the upcoming months. The Go chocolates have become my favorite of the bunch because of the effects and taste, but each kind has something unique going for it.

5 Reasons I recommend 1906 edibles

1. They Kick in Fast

1906 uses a proprietary lipid micro-encapsulation process that allows you to start feeling the effects of the chocolate right away. I tend to feel 1906 edibles kick in around 10-20 minutes after eating, pretty remarkable! Does anyone else remember when a pot brownie took two hours to kick in and by then you’d already eaten five more? There are entire memes around this concept:

No surprise bitch moments with these things.

2. Plant Medicines + Cannabis

1906 combines the medicinal effects of multiple plants, not just cannabis. The combination of single-strain cannabis and other plants medicines work to deliver safe, consistent and predictable experiences.

3. Great Taste

I am so picky when it comes to the taste of edibles! I have always detested the taste of cannabis in certain products, it’s a major pet peeve of mine. With 1906 chocolates, in particular the Go chocolates, I could gobble these all day and not ever taste the cannabis involved. For me, that is a huge perk.

4. Single Strain Cannabis

1906 is all about consistent and predictable dosing. They use only the highest quality, pesticide-free, single-strains in each product. No guessing about what kind of cannabis you are ingesting!

5. Equal THC/CBD Ratio

Every 1906 experience is a 1:1 combination of THC and CBD. THC for mind, CBD for body. This perfect blend of our favorite cannabinoids makes each chocolate a reliable source of medication and mental balance.

1906 go
1906 chocolates come in 3 or 6 packs, with sleek child-resistant packaging.

Go Energy Chocolates


I wanted to review the Go chocolates first because they quickly became my favorite. They are made with dark chocolate with a tinge of bittersweetness, and have a wonderful texture and zero cannabis taste. These have become a regular treat with my morning cup of joe.

1906 Go
Which experience do you crave?


I feel my Go chocolates kick in around 10-15 minutes after eating them. I usually enjoy them with coffee and follow them up with a smoothie as part of my morning self-care ritual. Typically this happens pre-wake and bake, and I’m always surprised by the quick onset of the chocolates. They make me feel pleasant and energized and very clear-headed, definitely my favorite feature of the high.

They don’t, however, get me stoned, and they aren’t really supposed to. I’ve only eaten at most two at one time, and this has never resulted in any sort of debilitating or all-consuming high. It’s much more akin to something in between a caffeine buzz and a joint. It’s an extremely positive and productive feeling, a high that makes you feel ready to take on the many responsibilities of the average adult.

Always keep in mind that any edible or strain review is only one person’s experience. As I like to say, we are as varied and complex as the flower we smoke, and results vary between users.

Approaching each day with positivity and brightness is not always easy, especially for the chronically depressed like myself. These small treats, packed with plants medicine, help to ease those daily discomforts. I love approaching each day as energized and well-balanced as I can, and having these small rituals are like tools in my self-care tool belt.


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