Welcome to Dave’s Grow. In the first episode we get to know all the fun items in our new grow kit from the good people at Black Dog LED.


What’s Going On In Dave’s Grow? | Indoor Tent Setup

Welcome to Dave’s Grow. Each week we will be checking in on our grow and trying out new gadgets from our grow kit from Black Dog LED. If you would like to submit a question, please email me at david@thestonermom.com.

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To learn more about the Black Dog LED grow lights used in this video go here.



  1. msquick1

    Great video. But if I didn’t have time to watch a video, could you blog the synopsis (outline/bullet points/brief description of what you see)?

    This is an exciting series, I wish you were starting from seeds though. Your plants will be 6-8 weeks ahead of me with clones. And lots if growers only have access to seeds. Maybe I’ll try these auto flower crosses to catch up…

    Germination and initial root development are critical times of growing that takes patience when starting seeds. This is where so many starting growers fail and have tiny plants that are super super susceptible to every calamity a grower can have.

    Starting from clones is for experienced growers that are potientating their plants, as is scrogging, topping, super cropping, etc. It shouldn’t even be attempted until ou’ve taken some plants from seed to a ripened harvest. Best advice I ever read on a popular forum.
    Seems like every grow video out there with big harvests are from clones. It sets new growers up for failure from the start. Because of their expectations. Why not show the struggles of starting from seed? It’s where I had the most problems when first growing: from seed to viable plant.