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A Bong at Home with Grandma’s China

Out of all the glass I have purchased or received over the years, my pieces by The China Glass have consistently garnered the most conversation, repins, reposts, and general admiration. The China Glass makes glass art inspired by porcelain vases during China’s dynastic period and are breathtaking in their sophistication.

Remember this piece from my holiday gift guide?

The Zhou vase water pipe in white and blue.

The China Glass is inspired by and modeled after the traditional glass art of east Asian culture, and boasts master glassblowers from the Hebei province of Northern China with a combined 100+ years of glass blowing experience. The China Glass has produced functional glass art with a nod to their history and culture, all while challenging the stigma of both import glass and what a functional bong should look like.

Last month I was delighted to unwrap a new piece by The China Glass, courtesy of my longtime friends and sponsors at is my favorite online head-shop and offers fast and free shipping, phenomenal customer service, and a large and varied selection, especially of The China Glass. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable retailer of The China Glass, look no further than

Anyway, they sent over the Ming Dynasty Vase water pipe for me to review and it is capital G gorgeous and functional. It delivers big, beautiful, and well-cooled bong hits. At 15″ tall and with beautiful detail work, this piece is a work of art elegant enough to leave on the fireplace mantle. If you were into that sort of thing. 

I own China Glass pieces in both black and white, and there advantages to both. The white is absolutely beautiful, particularly paired with the blue decals, but you do need to be diligent with your cleaning routine. The white pieces can stain if you let dirt and resin soak in. I clean mine before and after each use, mostly because I am so proud of that piece and want it to look as clean as possible. So if regular upkeep of your glass is something you struggle with, consider getting black over white.

The black used to wig me out because I couldn’t see through to what my bong water looked like, or clearly see how dirty the piece is. Over time I’ve learned that I actually really like that feature. I follow the same cleaning routine as I do with any other bong- I clean them all regularly and only store them when they are clean.  When you clean it all the time you don’t need to worry about the dirt you can’t see, and you can always check your water purity when you’re dumping it out to refresh your water.

Ming Dynasty Vase Specs

  • Premium white or black borosilicate tubing
  • Fixed diffused downstem
  • Traditional Chinese print decals in blue and gold
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • 14mm Male Bowl
  • 15” Inches Tall

So that’s her! What do you think? To see her in action, check out the stoner sesh below. I use all three of my pieces by The China Glass in it, so it’s a great session to check out if you’re interested in seeing how these pieces hit.



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  1. Illegal stoner mom

    I certainly don’t need one of these pieces. Far too delicate, but dayummmm they’re so pretty I want one. Thank you for your transparency regarding how your mental illness affects your life, not just as a stoner mom. I think a lot of us are self defeating when depressive. It shouldn’t be the time we use less scandalous but more. Remember what you said about terpenes and the more than 100 cannabanoids working together and the entourage effect ? I believe this to be more true now due to personal experience. Something you said triggered my brain to remember how effective tincture was for mental clarity and emotional stability. I’ll always feel like you deserve more because if the impact you have made on my life. 💋

    • Illegal stoner mom

      More cannabis….I guess that could be scandalous…I really need to proofread. Smh