Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Lavender Diesel


Indica Dominant Hybrid
Lavender x Sour Diesel 

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I have been consuming a lot of Lavender Diesel lately. The dispensary we’ve been using grows this all the time, so I’ve been smoking it in flower form as well as dabbing it as wax and shatter. Because it is so plentiful, you can often find this strain at discounted prices in medical marijuana states. And that’s pretty much why it’s in my house so much. It’s affordable and effective.

Lavender Diesel is a good strain. I don’t want to downplay its effectiveness because it does a great job with pain, insomnia, and anxiety. It’s one of those strains that are great for both patients with chronic pain or anxiety, and recreational users looking for deep relaxation at the end of a long day.

But it’s not a stellar strain, not one stoner legends are made of. It gets the job done, often at an irresistible  price.



Lavender Diesel has compact and darkly colored buds. This is not a trichome heavy strain, so buds are typically soft and less sticky.

With notes of lavender, earth, and diesel, it has a ‘meh’ taste and mild aroma. Not unpleasant, not danky or heavy.


The High

I am very susceptible to sedatives which is why I keep indica strains on the shelf for evenings and weekends. But Lavender Diesel walks the line between indicas and hybrids well. It provides the perception of time slowed down, without putting me to sleep. I have been able to consistently use Lavender Diesel throughout the days without any crash.


Medical Benefits

Lavender Diesel treats a number of ailments. Anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and tremors are all effectively managed with this affordable hybrid.



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