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New Glass is like Christmas

Some weeks ago I busted my beloved multi-chambered honeycomb percolator bong. Just so you know, this is unfortunately going to happen, considering how often a bong is used and handled. So, when it happens, try not to dwell in your misery, and instead, embrace the opportunity to get something new.

I wanted something with a large base and lots of bubbling. My favorite online headshop, www.dankgeek.com, has lots of tempting options, but I ultimately went with this beautiful, modestly sized, Volcano bong by Diamond Glass. And I’m in love!

volcano bong

This is a brand new design from Diamond Glass and features a unique, built-in pyramid percolator. It’s got a large beaker base, and at 13′ high, it’s easy to move around the house and stores nicely. It also has thick glass rings making it slip-proof!

In these pictures, I am using a bowl from Sesh Supply. Dankgeek.com sent this bowl over with the bong, to use in addition to the included downstem and bowl. Because of the built-in perc, you don’t necessarily need a downstem. I love being able to switch between two styles, thus taking advantage of all my different bowls. The included bowl and downstem produces a great bong rip with more drag.

pyramid perc

Pyramid perc with multiple slits



glass bowl from sesh supply with internal slits
This bowl from Sesh Supply is so cool! It has six slits in the bottom of the bowl, means this bowl burns evenly.

I love Diamond Glass pieces so much. Every one I have handled has been made with thick glass and are wonderful at withstanding the occasional bump and jostle. The BFF has actually thrown her tank of a bong, the Heizman, without destroying it, and thus Diamond Glass has earned her business for her lifetime.

DankGeek.com carries Diamond Glass as well as several other high-quality companies, offers free shipping in the US, and with the code “stonermom” you get 10%!


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