L O V E  L I S T |  my favorite podcast episodes about cannabis, mushrooms, LSD + the war on drugs

Plus the stoner gear I loved this month!


Okay, so I listen to a ton of podcasts. Podcasts in the morning, podcasts in the evening, podcasts at suppertime. It occurred to me while listening to genius Sam Harris talk about his use of hallucinogens and meditation, that I have a lot of episodes in my saved podcasts library all about drugs. Magic Mushrooms and all that. And all hosted by wonderfully intelligent individuals, people much smarter than me anyway. And so, I give you July’s Love List!

With the exception of The Dollop, all of the episodes in this post are under of the How Stuff Works umbrella.


Stuff you Should Know

How Magic Mushrooms Work
How LSD Works
How Marijuana Works

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Lady Stoners

Stuff to Blow your Mind

Cannabis Files: Medical Marijuana
Cannabis Files: Humanity’s THC Odyssey

Stuff they don’t want you to Know

Who’s Winning the War on Drugs?



The Dollop

Opium in the US part 1
Opium in the US part 2





Goldleaf | a notebook company for the cannabis community

I discovered this company awhile ago on Instagram, but now that David is at the helm of The Stoner Mom, he’s actually made contact with them, and they sent me their journals to sample. Collective squeal!!! I am a notebook junkie and when I found these elegant notebooks made just for us, I flipped out. It’s rare that I find a cannabis company with such a sophisticated design aesthetic but Goldleaf has got it dialed in.



High Hemp Organic Wraps | maui mango CBD+ wraps

These are another favorite from my ichief cheeba boxes, but I’m sure they are available in tons of places. They taste amazing and are easy for me to roll.


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