lucky charms review

Lucky Charms

Hybrid of The White x Appalachia

Lucky Charms is one of the yummiest strains readily available here in Colorado and therefore has become a regular in Casa de la Stoner. Offering a relaxed and balanced high with a pleasing aroma and taste, Lucky Charms is a suitable strain for daytime medication.

Lucky Charms Strain Review


Lucky Charms grows in long, thin, medium-dense buds. It is a gorgeous lighter green, highlighted with orange hairs and covered in a heavy sprinkling of sparkling tricombs. Lucky Charms becomes beautifully soft and fluffy when ground, also bringing out its pungent aroma. Noticeably sweet in scent and taste, there is also a distinct citrus flavor reminiscent of candy. Lucky Charms reminds me of Smarties, those crappy candies that no one is allergic to. Parents know what I’m talking about. Smarties may be crappy in your trick or treat bag, but they are quite delightful in your wake and bake bowl.

The High

Lucky Charms offers a consistent, even, and mellow high, with good stretches of euphoria thrown in. Though uplifting, it doesn’t really supply any energy boost. This is the strain to choose when you want to be euphoric and relaxed. No paranoia, jitters, or shakes. There’s also no crash or couch lock. Lucky Charms is a great strain for mellow creativity or for a very high-functioning high.


A solid choice for treating anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, and very effective for nausea. Those looking to treat chronic pain may want to look elsewhere. Lucky Charms is a great strain for newbies.















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