In the most divisive episode yet, GOT stretches our imagination, makes fun of its own battle tropes and breaks our collective hearts with the death of a dragon. There’s a lot to be upset about, and we don’t hold back. Fortunately, we’re stoned so we can’t really get too hateful, there’s plenty in the episode that we enjoyed. 

In Episode 57: Beyond Stoned

  • Enraging and nonsensical communication between sisters
  • Dany shares her new winter line of dragon-wear
  • Zombie bears, wight kidnapping, and ice javelins
  • Our worst fears confirmed- resurrected undead ice dragon
  • What’s going on in Dave’s Grow?

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    This episode got my feelings in a roller coaster. I feel like the entire season is playing this weird game with the audience where they bored the fuck out of you and then they just give you a bit of something. Let’s hope they don’t ruin the season finale.