An Assignment

When David and I were falling in love, I gave him an assignment. He had to make me a playlist of his favorite songs, as did I. And we sent these playlists to one another on Spotify, and he would annotate his, put notes on the songs, tell me what he liked about them. My husband is a musical genius you see, and he was talking to me through song. It became a way to communicate without communicating, on different ends of the city. Headphones in his ears, me listening in my car.

Our anniversary is this week and I’ve felt pretty damn sentimental. I love my husband a lot. At three years of marriage we are finally beginning to feel like we’ve been married long enough to be considered respectable. Somewhat. This week I’m listening to his list. Songs that make me think of him. Songs I didn’t like before I knew him.

I’ll marry my lover in a place to admire
I don’t have to even ask her, I can look in her eyes
And thank God that I am forgiven
Or thank all of my friends to say I’ve been true or they’ve forgotten

And weary my mind is, to say the least
It’s been awful hard to just stand on my feet
I think I’ll slow down if I am able
I won’t drown in the ocean or starve at my place at the table

I’m his soft place to land. My battle-weary-manly-man needs a place, a space, a woman on which he rests his head. The quiet settling of dust, bones. Our paths are well-worn now. Monotony is welcome among he and I. We’ve settled into domestic bliss that we can truly appreciate after living so long with quiet sadness.

I’m just so lucky. He says he’s the lucky one, because you know, I’m younger than him- wife 2.0 and all that har dee har. But I have a warrior in him. I have a fighter who needs something soft at home.

Lucky ones are we all ’till it is over
Everyone near and far
When you smile the sun, it peeks through the clouds
Never die, for always be around and around and around


What’s Coming up this Week

  • Tuesday- My new Miracle Morning. I’m sharing our new technique for changing our productivity levels dramatically.
  • Wednesday- Our Anniversary, love letters to my husband
  • Thursday- 7 Daily Habits of a Productive Household
  • Friday- Debuting my brand new Resources Page (hopefully!)
  • And also on Friday, this week’s video is a great one with the BFF! We get massively stoned and reminisce about all sorts of naughty adventures. You’ll want to tune in.


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