Introducing the many faces of maternal cannabis use

August’s featured Stoner Mom is going above and beyond to remove the stigma attached to marijuana. Not only does she educate her children and model responsible use, but she also writes publicly about her experience with medical marijuana and how it has improved her quality of life.

Parents need to feel safe to talk about marijuana and every time one of us goes public with our great kids and our happy lives, it’s a step in the right direction. Meeting a stoner mom face to face is a great way to instantly see that marijuana helps people in all demographics.

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Meet Jessie

meet a stoner mom august


Why do you use cannabis?

I suffered a spinal injury while working as a hospice nurse. Despite lengthy treatment – surgery and everything else under the sun – I never recovered. Life was bleak. I suffer from constant pain. It got to the point that I was taking Valium and opiates around the clock and they weren’t even eliminating the pain. The worst were the side effects of the medications. I just couldn’t tolerate them. A friend and my mom convinced me to try medical marijuana. MMJ has been a Godsend.

How open are you about cannabis with your kids?

I’m extremely open with my kids and the world about my cannabis use. As a legal patient, it’s easier for me to speak up than it is for many others. My kids are better educated about marijuana than most adults. After seeing the way MMJ has improved our own lives, we’ve become a family of advocates. My son’s spoken out to his class about my medicinal use and I’ve shared my story on Good Housekeeping and other outlets. We’re working hard to change the stigma associated with marijuana. #Legalize 


Thank you Jessie, for sharing your beautiful journey with us! Your family of advocates is definitely something to aspire to! If you’d like to learn more about Jessie you can visit her website


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