Okay, I have to admit, I’ve got a major M.I.A. crush. Girlfriend is basically the coolest Mom I have ever laid eyes on (Betty Draper gets second place). Remember that time she performed at the Grammy’s on her DUE DATE?! On my due dates I was so swollen my husband had to put my shoes on for me. You could not have paid me enough money to waddle in front of the nation and perform anything. Here’s the pregnant performance.¬†Just watch the beginning, everyone else besides M.I.A. sucks balls in this performance. No one can upstage a Sri Lankan pregnant rapper!



Today’s song is Bad Girls, a perfect track for any mama putting on her GSD hat. A defiant call to arms for repressed ladies everywhere. I’ll be blasting this today while cleaning the toilets. So thug.


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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