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An Upgraded Stash

It’s no secret that I can be a bit obsessive about storage solutions. I’ve always had a thing for organization, and my cannabis habit is a great outlet for that obsession. Storing my cannabis and accessories in a way that is both convenient enough for daily use, and safe in my family home is an everyday concern of mine. Over the years I have featured numerous storage solutions here on my blog, but today’s find features unique technology that sets it apart.

In this post meet the Pillar, a voice-activated, app controlled lockbox. Read on for details on this unique lockbox, perfect for storing your cannabis supply, and be sure to check out the quick video above to see me unlock the box with just my voice!

The Pillar | voice-activated app-controlled lockbox

The smell-proof Pillar is controlled with your unique voice-ID making it safe and secure for storing cannabis, prescriptions, keys, money, and other valuables. Perfect for parents, roommates, rentals and workspaces, the Pillar is an attractive and modern storage solution with endless uses. Your valuables remain secure until you decide to open the Pillar with your unique voice and password, or with the free iOS/Android app. That means no dials to spin, no keys to hide (and find) and no PINs to remember. Plus the app enables you to provide access to the Pillar remotely with your authorization.

How I’m Using My Pillar

The slender and fairly small storage capacity of the Pillar make it a perfect fit for a generous amount of cannabis, grinder, or small pipe. I use mine to securely store my vape pens and vaporizer that I use throughout the day. Rather than entering my combination every time I want a quick toke on a vaporizer, I can simply say my password and my stash is right there. Locking the Pillar is as easy as putting the lid back on, the Pillar locks automatically and my vape pen is safe from curious family members.


Logging & Notifications

With the LockedBrands app I’m able to access a complete record of the openings of my Pillar with date and time and by whom. I also receive notifications on my phone when the Pillar is taken offline.

Voice ID Biometric

You can store multiple voices for everyone who needs access. Training the Pillar to recognize and open to your voice is fun and involves saying your password to the device multiple times. Dual passphrase design and selectable sensitivity helps ensure that only your voice can open the Pillar. Pillar’s Voice ID system does not record or transmit your conversations at any time.

Share Access Easily

The Pillar’s app makes it easy to provide friends, family, or guests with access to the Pillar in seconds.

Fail Safe Mode

A unique master password for each Pillar means you’re not locked out if WiFi is down.

3rd Party Developers

Connect your Pillar through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and in April 2019, the Apple Watch.

Learn more about The Pillar and pick up your own voice activated lockbox over at


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  1. This looks like an awesome and safe way to store! Enjoying your website lots! Have a great week.