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Pineapple Express is apparently a stoner movie. I wouldn’t know because the one time I tried to watch it I didn’t understand a good god thing and subsequently fell asleep. Such mom behavior right there, but in my defense, I was not yet a stoner.

The cannabis strain Pineapple Express is a personal favorite and a guaranteed mood lifter, and as an evenly split hybrid, it’s suitable for both day and night use.


Pineapple Express is a gorgeous strain. It is typically covered in lots of sticky trichomes that can be difficult to wipe off your fingertips. Highly resiny strains can be hard on your grinder but they also make great kief in a grinder with a kief compartment.

This strain has long tapered buds that are dense and a deep green with dark red pistils. Before you smoke any of it be sure to really savor the scent of this strain. It is very fragrant and smells nothing like the weed of my adolescence.

To smoke it is to love it, but Pineapple Express is also a delicious strain for vaping. With its highly tropical taste and it’s lingering sweetness on exhale, this strain is suitable for both the cannabis snob and the cannabis newbie.

The High

Though learning towards sativa dominant and being covered in trichomes, Pineapple Express produces a high that can be described as super chill. No paranoia. No jitters or shakes. Just slowly increasing happiness. This strain is considered a sleeper or creeper, ie, it takes a little longer to fully set in. It’s like that feeling you get when you realize, “oh my, I’m feeling kinda drunk”, and you find yourself instantly entertained by everything.

The high can begin with a bit of an energy boost, appropriate for a productive day or a morning workout. Eventually, it settles into a content and focused high. I find myself enormously observant and very comfortable with my surroundings and self.

Pineapple Express is excellent for social anxiety, making you happy and curious but not hyper-talkative. If you are someone who rarely has anything insightful to say when stoned, give Pineapple Express a try at your next weed-friendly social event. It makes me an interested and observant listener and enhances my ability to “see” other perspectives.


Pineapple Express is one of my favorite strains for treating my depression.  It works so well for my blues and banishes my anxiety. It also has great pain relief properties and doesn’t end in any depression-inducing couch-lock or crash. For times of stress, this is definitely the strain to grab. This is a very high functioning strain, making it suitable for all kinds of use.


Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express


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